People Are Sharing Hilariously Altered Pics After This Teen Removed Someone From A Photo

"LMAO, I aspire to be this petty."

This is 18-year-old Serena Caballero. She's from Texas.

Last Sunday, she posted this pic that she had removed someone from — and people seriously related to the situation.

y'all ever stop fw someone but like the way YOU looked in the pic... so you gotta...

"I was just laughing the whole time I was trying to draw half a car," Caballero told BuzzFeed News.

"Me AF," said this person.

@donionrings08 @CaballeroSerena I didn't even notice it at first, me af 😎

"LMAO," another person said, "I aspire to be this petty."

@damnitdanny__ @CaballeroSerena @andrewapicturee @JasminSultani LMAO I aspire to be this petty 😂

One person had the same problem.

@CaballeroSerena Can u show me how bc I have the same problem with my 21st birthday pics smh

In case you're also in need, Caballero said that she used the PicsArt app.

Someone else added several Caballeros to the scene.

But mostly people shared other ~changed~ pics — like this Matthew McConaughey paste.

@CaballeroSerena ohh yass girl I mean even though you still got love for em' sometimes @McConaughey makes it better

This swirl.

Some simple drawing.

@CaballeroSerena your editing was legit😂 I just didn't give af!

A Bitmoji add-on.

@CaballeroSerena girl yes or you just gotta..

Caballero said that all the other people changing their photos made her laugh. Safe to say, she has some new fans.

@CaballeroSerena I followed based on this tweet!!

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