This Woman Was Driving When A Snake Came Through Her Air Vent And People Have Decided That They Won't Drive Ever Again

*Cuts up license*

This is Monica Dorsett. She lives in Florida. On Friday she was driving when something incredibly awful happened to her.


My mom almost crashed her car today cause a snake started coming out of her vents while she was driving.

"I was on four-lane highway and I all of a sudden see the snake coming out of the vent near my left hand," Dorsett told BuzzFeed News.

"It took me a second to realize — that is real," she said.

Dorsett quickly exited the highway and then absolutely panicked.

Because, nope.

Absolutely no.

Dorsett called her husband who handled the ~situation~ after she slammed the door on the body of the snake.

Dorsett said that since the incident, she glances at her closed air vents with suspicion. "I’m not opening those vents for a long time," she said.

“Florida is just weird, it would happen," her daughter Kristina, who tweeted the evidence, told BuzzFeed News.

So, no more Florida.

And no more driving.

@Krissy_Lyn @kalesalad this gives me anxiety i don't wanna drive ever again

"This would have been me," said this person.

@Krissy_Lyn I wouldn't have "almost" crashed the car. We'd all be in the hospital and I'd have to pay the city to pull my car from a tree.

Too bad.

@Krissy_Lyn @AnaMardoll Gee, it's too bad she had to blow up and burn her car and never get in another one ever again.

Bye-bye cars.

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