This Dude Roasted His Mom On A Reply All Email To His University And It's Something

"I figured they would have some block that would not allow students to send an email out to the whole school," the senior told BuzzFeed News.

This is Caleb Diaz, a 23-year-old senior at Southern Oregon University and someone who recently emailed every student at his school. It all started Friday when the university warned students about cougars in the area and to call 911 if they spot one.

"Friday evening, we got the alert about the cougar and my roommate and I kind of looked at each other and were like, 'That seems like an older woman, not an animal,'" Diaz told BuzzFeed News.

He decided to make a joke, and replied to the entire student body, assuming it wouldn't send. "I didn't think that I sent it to the whole school," he said.

But the next morning, he found out that it had sent. "I was like, 'Oh my gosh, oh no.' I had like, a panic attack," he said. "I ran out, grabbed my laptop, and googled 'How to delete email from Gmail that you've sent.'"

My school sent out a warning about cougar sightings & some kid replied this to the entire school 💀💀

@laureenmarie_ / Via Twitter: @laureenmarie_

He hoped that his classmates would miss it, given that it was a school email.

"That's when I went on Twitter and saw some screenshots," he said, finding out that this definitely wasn't the case.

Junior Lauren Devine, 20, tweeted out the email Saturday with skull emojis.

"When I saw the email, I honestly couldn't stop laughing," she told BuzzFeed News.

People were very impressed, one person said that the action "deserves praise."

@Hoosier1234567 @GetShulked @laureenmarie_ I wouldn't dare send it to my entire school. That deserves praise

Another mom was impressed. "On purpose, right?" she clarified. "He's my hero." She also referred to the student as a "brave soul."

@laureenmarie_ my mom is impressed

Another person called Diaz a "badass."

@laureenmarie_ Omg the entire school whatta badass 🤭😰

Someone else said that this one email created a whole new realm of possibilities. However, the university told BuzzFeed News that messages like Diaz's are typically blocked.

My favorite part of this is the future shenanigans that will pop off now that students know they can spam the whole school in one go.

"All-student emails on our campus are moderated," Joe Mosley, a spokesperson for Southern Oregon University told BuzzFeed News. "This student's response normally would have been blocked, but in this case it slipped through — and we're happy so many people got a good laugh out of it."

The school, according to Mosley, values jokes. "My only response is that a good sense of humor is valued at SOU and we appreciate a funny joke as much as anyone," he said.

"Hopefully this student's mother will have the same attitude," he added.

Some other people wondered about Diaz's mom too.

@laureenmarie_ @gpraq Everyone who pull-up next to his mom in town like

Saturday night, Diaz went out to dinner with his parents and told them about the email. "Her first reaction was, 'Oh my god, I'm only three months older than your father,'" the student said of how his mom reacted.

He added that she laughed about it and that her feelings are NOT hurt.

@laureenmarie_ @manonthemoonpgh Oh his mom better have a great sense of humor... or his ass is toast

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