A Bunch Of Racist Posters Were Plastered Around This Neighborhood And Now Police Are Investigating

"This is the kind of chicanery that spoiled rotten 12-year-old boys do when they don't have a decent babysitter."

Eric Wagner

Virginia police are investigating a number of racist and anti-Semitic flyers that were plastered in "a variety of areas" around Alexandria, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News on Saturday, including a "wanted poster" for the woman who made headlines last weekend for verbally confronting white nationalist Richard Spencer at his gym.

Eric Wagner, who lives in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood, told BuzzFeed News that he saw the posters at 7 a.m. Saturday morning when he was walking his dog around the neighborhood.

One poster read: "You're losing your country, white man!" and another, "Stop the blacks."

“I took down well over 50," said Wagner, who received help from other neighbors. “They were glued to telephone poles and trees and stuffed under windshield wipers."

Eric Wagner

Wagner said his neighbors have been disturbed by the incident.

“They were really upset and disturbed that this is happening here,” he said. “This is not us. We continue to be the community that we know we are.”

A professor from Georgetown University, C. Christine Fair, was the target of one of the posters. Fair made headlines last weekend for confronting alt-right leader Richard Spencer at his gym, which lead to him losing his membership there.

Christine Fair

"Wanted," the crude poster read, "Zionist Terrorist." Fair's contact information and photo were on the flyer, which incorrectly said she was transgender.

Eric Wagner

"Subject was last seen engaging in disorderly conduct and physical harassment of White Europeans," the poster read.

It also stated that she was "well known for hysterically screaming at complete strangers in public places."

Spencer denied having any involvement in the posters.

"I haven't seen anything like that," he told BuzzFeed News via text message.

He also denied any knowledge of the group named on the signs, Blood and Soil. "I've never heard of that group," he said.

Some of the racist posters seen in Alexandria are available for download on the extremist group's website.

Professor Fair told BuzzFeed News that she was not intimated by the posters.

"They made a really huge strategic overstep, because any sympathy they got that their Nazi bro couldn't lift in his gym, this actually exposes their true colors," she said.

Fair said she had been contacted by police, who she said were investigating it as a hate crime.

"[Police are] collecting them and they're fingerprinting them and we've got cameras, so it looks like we're gonna know who the dude is," she said.

Fair said she was used to being targeted by right-wing trolls.

"I know how these stupid idiots work," she said. "They have ordered pizza to my home. They have applied to online jobs for me.

"This is the kind of chicanery that spoiled rotten 12-year-old boys do when they don't have a decent babysitter," she said.


Wagner told BuzzFeed News that the neighborhood was covered in messages of love Saturday night in response to the hateful posters.

Eric Wagner

He also said protesters gathered Sunday afternoon to demonstrate for equality.

Geremy Kamens