People Had Some Things To Say About Rex Tillerson's Response To A Report That He Called Trump A "Moron"

"Rex Tillerson to give a statement. For moron this, let's go live to..."

Good morning, everyone.

Rex Tillerson gave a statement on Wednesday following a report by NBC News that he called Trump a "moron," and that he considered leaving the administration. In his press conference, he denied that he ever considered leaving the State Department.

He did not expressly deny that he called President Trump a "moron."

When asked directly about the moron report, he said: "I'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that, this is what I do not understand about Washington."

Rex Tillerson on the report he called Trump a "moron": "I'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that"…

Leading up to the statement, some people couldn't help but wonder:

Others had some things to say about the reported "moron," comment.

Rex Tillerson to announce to media that you're the moron, moron.

In fairness to Rex Tillerson, the the man is a moron.

A lot of people thought there was some coercion behind the statement, and compared the footage to a hostage video.

The best part about this hostage tape Tillerson was forced to put out is knowing Trump will probably fire him anyway

Really enjoyed the Rex Tillerson hostage tape.

TRUMP: Rex is here to say that I’m not a moron. (*nudges him*) Tell them. TILLERSON: Moronsayswhat TRUMP: What

For this person it was the height of sadness.

This Tillerson hostage tape is about the saddest thing I’ve seen from any Trump lackey so far.

Rex Tillerson: Blink twice if you need help.


tillerson: what is this place called washington i don't understand things here all the trees have mean faces i'm scared all the time

Rex #Tillerson Stands before the Nation and gives a #Trump Commercial.

The best thing to come from this? Puns.

I'm actually relieved because the best tweet I'd come up with was "RESIGNOSAURUS REX."

Rex Tillerson to give a statement. For moron this, let's go live to...

It's Wednesday!

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