People Wrote Love Notes To America In A NYC Subway Tunnel After The Election

"You will not divide us. Love is everything."

On Wednesday, Post-It notes covered a subway underpass in New York City, ABC 7 reported.

A project called Subway Therapy is responsible for the notes. According to its website, the project aims to make people "smile, laugh, and feel less stress."

"Therapist" Levee, the project's creator, is not a real therapist, but offers himself to subway riders as a person to talk to.

"If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, [he's] happy to be there for them," the website says.

Fifteen-hundred notes were posted on the underpass wall — messages of fear, uncertainty, resilience, and love.

"WHY," one person wrote, and others:

"I wept for our children and I wept for our future."

"I love this town and I love this country."

"I regret my vote."

"You will not divide us, love is everything."

"Time to fight back."

In the Union Square subway tunnel, people are leaving Post-it messages on the wall tonight.

One passerby remarked that, "the last time I saw something like this was on 9/11."

14th St Subway Station. The last time I saw something like this was 9/11.

To many, it seemed to celebrate something special about the city. "Subway love notes to America, New York values," this person tweeted.

Subway love notes to America. New York values.

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