College Students Are Sharing Emails From Their Professors After This Guy Shared A Very Blunt Correspondence


Kade Walker is a 19-year-old sophomore studying political science at South Dakota State University. He told BuzzFeed News that one of his professors, David Wiltse, is a "really great" and a "really funny" guy. This past semester, he took a political science–388 research methods class with him.

Kade Walker

So, who is David Wiltse, the professor?

David Wiltse

"I focus on American politics — primarily parties, elections, and campaign finance," he told BuzzFeed News.

Last week, Walker made a joke about an email he received from Professor Wiltse and it went massively viral.

@kade_walker / Via Twitter: @kade_walker


@kade_walker / Via Twitter: @kade_walker

"I’d no idea he tweeted it, until it started trending," the professor said of his one-word correspondence being made public.

"I'm pretty short and terse in the emails that I send, particularly to people that know me, like Kade does," the professor said when asked if he typically responds to emails in that way.

"And I tell students, you know, I'm getting fifty-hundred emails a day, so you're going to get pretty short replies, and that's just how it is," he said.

"It has nothing to do with, you know, how much you value the student or care about them. You just send off the critical information, and that's about it."

The professor responded to Kade's joke on Twitter, a response which is MORE popular than his student's initial tweet.

@DaveWiltse / Via Twitter: @DaveWiltse

When asked if he called his students punks often, he responded, "Yeah, I call them punks." He clarified that it is not a term he uses with every student. "Only the ones that I know, and only the ones that I know would not take offense to it," he said.

He said that there was no actual animosity involved in the exchange. "It's just two people who like to mess with each other and for whatever reason, that just exploded out on Twitter," the professor said of the tweets.

Other students shared their own emails, also apparently courtesy of academia.

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The student said that he isn't sure how well he did, grade-wise, on the final.

"I'll be honest with you, I haven't even checked yet — I'm definitely thinking I got around an A or a B on it," Walker said.

Is he worried his viral tweet has impacted his grade? "No," he said, noting that his professor is a "lighthearted guy."

Good luck, punk!