People Can't Handle This Tween's Absurd And Beautiful Bucket List

"Stay asleep for 24 hours."

This is 18-year-old Josh Magpantay with his sisters Jesse, 11, and Julia, 15. They live in Texas.

Josh told BuzzFeed News that around two weeks ago he found his youngest sister's bucket list and it's really something.

i found my sister's bucket list? what the hell is she on

Jesse told BuzzFeed News that she wants to eat a hammerhead shark, snake and bear, "because they look and smell delicious."

Some of her reasoning is more straightforward. "I just really like sleep," she said about her goal of sleeping for 24 hours. The tween wants to sit alone in a room for an hour because she "likes being lonely."

Whereas other people are down with "regular dogs and cats," Jesse wants "a different type of pet," like a sloth or koala.

A certain event inspired some items.

"I saw a sign in a different language and I thought I don’t know what that says," she said, on why she wants to translate one around two years from now.

People on Twitter were honestly so impressed by the fifth-grader's ~goals.~ "Ur sister is gonna be legendary if she pulls all of that off. I approve," said this person.

@Asbronaut ur sister is gonna be legendary if she pulls all of that off. I approve.

Lots of people had the same priorities.

@Asbronaut I'm wit her on the pet a cheetah thing

@Asbronaut @hosie_ this is lookin a lot like my bucket list

And it restored this person's faith in the world.

@Asbronaut Eat a hammerhead shark, snake, and bear. Wow. Young women are going to grow up and save us all.

Others speculated about the empty number 10 on the list. Jesse thinks that she will fill it in "with what she wants to be when she grows up," which is "a gaming YouTuber."

@Asbronaut @kalesalad to be fair, #10 is perfect Zen realization.

"She's really smart, and zany, and weird in the way little girls are totally weird at that age, you know?" said her impressed older brother. "This list is honestly the epitome of the girl that is Jesse Magpantay."

Best of luck ticking off that list, Jesse! You go, girl!

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