An Entire Stadium Cheered For This 2-Year-Old

"Can they do this at every game?"

Even though the Detroit Red Wings beat the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday, the ~true star~ of the NHL game was Mason Becker. The 2-year-old lives in Zeeland, Michigan, with his mom and dad.

The moment Mason rose to fame was captured by Brad Galli, a reporter with WXYZ-TV Detroit.

The Red Wings won - but this little kid won the hearts of every person at Joe Louis Arena. WATCH: Hilarious respons…

During a break in the game, the crowd cheered joyously for the little boy and booed angrily when the camera moved to anyone else, including the hockey players.

His father, Tony Becker, told BuzzFeed News that the outpouring of support for Mason happened suddenly.

"It grew and grew and grew. It went from just our little section, to the whole stadium. It was very quick," he said.

Mason, who was named "Honorary First Star," was a fan of the attention.

The rowdy kid at the Red Wings game named honorary first star.

"Mason loved it," his father said. "He’s such a little entertainer."

Mason's dad loved it, too. "It was just incredible," he said.

Mason's grandfather, Timothy Becker, was watching the game from home when he saw the stadium-wide love for his grandson. It meant a lot to him.

"It is a challenge to find the right words: pride, amazement, shock, and awe," the grandad said.

People are obsessed with the now viral video. One person made this apt comparison.

@kgrezlik2 @BradGalli @wxyzdetroit

Another wanted it to happen again. "Can they do this every game?" this Twitter user asked.

"Can't stop watching," this person responded.

"Priceless," another concluded.

Mason's dad is surprised by the video's popularity. "I did not think that was what would come of it," he said. The father and son hope to go to another game soon.

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