Here Are The Darkest Jokes About A Trump Presidency So Far

"I blame 'Fight Song.'"

People against Trump are coping with dark humor after he won the presidency.

everytime a state goes to trump they should fire a cannon just like they do in the hunger games so i know which state is dead to me

Some are pointing out responsible parties: "I blame 'Fight Song.'"

And others are saying this is like a terrifying show IRL. "This is the worst episode of Black Mirror I have ever seen."

This is the worst episode of Black Mirror I have ever seen. #Election2016

Some are wishful — like, maybe it can be fixed?

And others are just like, why, America? "I don't get it. We had all the funny tweets."

I don't get it. We had all the funny tweets.

"Is this real?" some asked

All of America waiting for this dude to jump out... #PUNKD #ElectionNight

Some are making plans.

Calling my fam in Mexico that I haven't spoke to in years like... "Aye Foo got a spot on your bed?"…

And others are like, at least we'll have weed!

Well, Florida. At least we now have medical marijuana to treat the PTSD we're going to get from this election

Weed is now legal in cali! I don't smoke, but I might have to start to calm my nerves tonight lol

And this. Oh, a glimmer of hope?

Thank goodness Colorado passed assisted suicide today, right? #ElectionNight


If Trump wins I'm gonna have a mass suicide party at my house. RT to RSVP. BYO kool aid.

I guess this is it, America.

[David Bowie & Prince die] [Brexit passes, Vine is shut down] The World: "please... let us rest..." 2016: "...just one more thing"