Trump Threw Rolls Of Paper Towels Into A Group Of People In Puerto Rico And People Had Some Things To Say

"Trump: 'Let them eat paper towels!'"

President Trump visited Puerto Rico on Tuesday. While there, he said and did some weird stuff. Example: he told a family who lacked electricity to "have a good time."

He also did this.

Pres. Trump tosses paper towel rolls, distributes other supplies to hurricane victims during his Puerto Rico visit…

He was in a chapel, handing out supplies, and tossed some paper towels into the crowd. "In a surreal scene, Trump handed some packages of 'Arroz Rico' brand bags of rice to members of the crowd," the pool press report stated.

"Then in his best Stephen Curry impersonation, Trump held up his arm and softly shot paper towels into the crowd, which they enjoyed," the report continued.

Some people took issue with the paper towel throwing.

This is the day Trump threw paper towel rolls at natural disaster victims

The only way Donald Trump could've been any more insulting to the Puerto Rican people is if he went down there and…

One person imagined a scenario.

Trump: great crowd today, fantastic. now raise those hands if you want paper towels! Staffer: uh we should probably…

This photo is art (by Reuters' Jonathan Ernst)

"Let them eat paper towels!"

@justinsink Trump: "Let them eat paper towels"!

It reminded this people of a T-shirt giveaway.

The president is throwing paper towel rolls into the crowd in Puerto Rico like a t-shirt cannon at a sporting event. 2017, man.

Another person compared the paper towel tosses to distributing Halloween candy and had a question.

Trump is throwing paper towel rolls to the Puerto Rican people like it’s Halloween candy. Who’s handling this insensitive boob?

Another person was in disbelief.

i still can’t believe that trump went to puerto rico and threw paper towel rolls into the crowd of hurricane victims


Was trump really shooting paper towel free throws in Puerto Rico smh

I imagine instead of "Kobe!" Trump yells, "Nixon!" after each paper towel shot.

@Kyle_Feldscher Found this vid of Trump when he took his paper towel basketball style distribution to the next level

This person complimented the president's form.

Y’all act like Trump ain’t have perfect form on them paper towel free throws. Y’all won’t give the man credit for ANYTHING! 😂

These people need HELP and he is out there shooting paper towel free throws like a dick head

Someone else imagined how they might respond in the same situation.

if trump threw a paper towel roll at me you best believe i'd be throwin one back

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