Nike Is Launching A Hijab Collection That Muslim Athletes Helped To Develop

"It's like all my dreams have come true."

Nike will soon sell a lightweight, polyester sports hijab called the "Nike Pro Hijab."

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the company said that the Nike Pro Hijab is the result of about a year of work. Both professional and everyday hijab-wearing athletes helped to create the final product.

"The final, pull-on design is constructed from durable single-layer Nike Pro power mesh," the company said. Nike called the mesh its "most breathable fabric." The hijab will come in dark, neutral colors.

On Twitter, many people reacted to the new product. "Nike finally joins the sports hijab world," said this woman.

.@Nike finally join the sports hijab world. Possibly game changer for elite athletes with top technology on offer

Others were more skeptical of the sports hijab. This woman expressed concerns over the logo and the look.

Nike set to launch ‘Pro Hijab’ Part of me says YAY, the other part says, a logo on my head?…

And someone else said that it wasn't anything special.

Slightly torn- Sport hijabs have been around 4 awhile & I can't see anything special (expect the nike tick) about the design #NikeProHijab

This person, however, was excited.

"It's like all my dreams have come true," another woman said.

I audibly gasped when I read that @Nike was coming out with a sport hijab. It's like all my dreams have come true.

Nike said that the Pro Hijab will be available early next year.

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