This Little Cow Is Super Great Friends With All Of These Dogs And It's So Incredibly Cute

"Holy cow!"

Meet Moonpie. She lives in Arkansas at an animal sanctuary called Rocky Ridge Refuge.

Hello there, doggo. I'm Moonpie.

Hello there, pupper. I'm Moonpie.

Wolf said that A LOT of cuddling happens.

And when it's nice outside, the little calf and the doggos all play together.

Spackle, a white bull terrier, is the most in love with Moonpie. "She was the first one to really claim her. She never left her side," Wolf said. "They were just glued at the hip."

Spackle cleans Moonpie.

And generally looks out for her. Wolf said that Spackle acts as a mom and a pal to the miniature cow.

People are pretty in love with Moonpie and her doggo friends. "Brudders from anudder mudder?" asked this person.

"Holy cow!" another person began.

And someone else could NOT handle the cuteness.

The interspecies friendships at the rescue prove something larger, Wolf said. "We really are connected," she said. "We really can get along."

To follow the latest Moooo-npie news— and to see other unlikely animal friendships— like this beautifully pure page.

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