This Mom Can't Remember Any Of Her Daughter's Friends And It's Hilarious

"I'm soooo confused."

Christina Duron, 21, goes to school at Texas State University. Duron told BuzzFeed News that she sends her Houston-based mom, Patricia Wood, photos of what she's up to because "she likes to have them first."

On Saturday, Duron had her sorority formal and sent her mom some pics. Wood then shared the photos on her Facebook page — with some seriously hilarious captions.

"Christina and is that Victoria?"

"Christina and Allyssa? Kara?"

Duron told BuzzFeed News that this is a common occurrence with her mom, so she texted Wood with the correct names. Below you can observe Wood doing her best to fix the mistakes.

Cristina Duron

Duron said that her mom has an especially hard time differentiating between her two friends Victoria and Miranda.

Duron tweeted photos of her mom struggling to ID her friends, and they were favorited hundreds of times.

"My friends were a little offended when it first started happening," Duron said, "but now they think it's pretty hilarious and they take it in stride."