A Man Pleaded Guilty To Beating Up His Girlfriend For Downloading Snapchat

"No woman or man should ever feel pain from the one they love," the woman, Soledad Torres, told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday.

A 21-year-old Texas man is awaiting sentencing this week after beating up his girlfriend for downloading a social media app.

Dameon Marmolejo pleaded guilty on Monday to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon over the violent June 2017 assault of Soledad Torres, according to local station KCBD.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by KCBD, Torres deleted the Snapchat app after she began to date Marmolejo. Last June, he arrived at her home and saw a message on the app, the outlet reported, became angry, and began to beat her up. (The county district clerk's office directed BuzzFeed News to the police department and district attorney's office for a copy of the warrant. The district attorney's office did not have the warrant immediately available, and the Lubbock Police Department directed BuzzFeed News to the Lubbock County Sheriff's office. The sheriff's office did not immediately return BuzzFeed News' request for the warrant.)

Torres, now 19, told BuzzFeed News via Facebook Messenger on Tuesday that Marmolejo forced her to delete her social media accounts after she discovered he had been unfaithful. "He then didn’t trust me because he thought I would do the same thing he did to me so he made me delete all my social media accounts, took me away from school, work, my family — especially my mom," she said.

She provided the following image to BuzzFeed News. Warning: the image is extremely graphic.

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