People Are Talking About Their Messy Lives After This Very Simple Text Exchange About A Paper Clip

"Men honestly are something else."

A 20-year-old student at the University of Florida named Ciara Tobin needed a paper clip, and texted her boyfriend, Riley Bassett, 20, to see if he had one.

He had one — exactly one. And he detailed a very specific location for it. "On the floor by my file cabinet," he texted back.

"I was expecting there to be a box of paper clips on the floor or something, but when I saw it was one single paper clip, I started cracking up," Ciara told BuzzFeed News.

There it is.

The insanely simple and hilarious conversation, shared on Twitter, led to a ton of commentary. "To be honest, the funniest part to me is that when I first showed him the tweet he didn't even think it was funny, because he genuinely thought that was a rational thing to do," Ciara said.

Someone speculated that the single paper clip was there waiting for months to be used.

@CiaraTobin This was his just in case paper clip, prolly been there for months lol

And even if Riley were messy, he would know where every single mess is located.

“it looks messy but i know where everything is” in a nut shell

@CiaraTobin @sharlennev Attention to detail live by it never get caught lackin..

Other people said if this is a behavior of ~men~ then we are all men.

I guess I'm a man then

A lot of people related to Riley and this idea of "organized chaos."

@CiaraTobin @KimHallelujah I say this all the time. It may be messy but I know exactly where everything is

@CiaraTobin @KyleBailey14 Organized chaos

"I don't have any paper clips and someone gave me that one," Riley explained to BuzzFeed News. "I was leaving my room in a hurry and dropped it and remembered where it was, because it was my only one."

There you have it.

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