People Think Logan Paul Is Done With Vlogs For Good, But It’s Just Not Going To Be Every Day, Bro

"The vlog will never be finished as long as my heart stays thumping on this goddamn planet Earth," Paul said in a new vlog after he led people to believe he was done with them.

First, let's establish something. This is Jake Paul.

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This is Logan Paul.

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This story concerns LOGAN — not Jake. On Sunday, Logan, the older of the two Paul brothers and the infamous YouTuber who angered millions posting the so-called suicide forest video), seemed to announce that he will no longer be vlogging — at all.

new vlog... the end of logan paul vlogs important that you watch 😕

Logan, like his brother Jake who coined the expression "it's everyday bro," created daily vlogs.

Some people responded saying they were bummed.

@LoganPaul Don't stop the vlog please

"What are we going to do?" someone else asked.

@LoganPaul thank you for tearing my heart into pieces your Vlogs are the only one’s that make me happy and alive. I’m done :( I’m so broken and depressed! Why would you do this? What happens now? What are we going to do? Wake up the next day and feel like a crap? :’( 😥

Others celebrated.

@LoganPaul Thank god! Please stay away for good. It will do everyone a favor. Send the same message to your brother as well.

However, before you rejoice or reject the announcement, Logan will continue to vlog — just not daily, he said at the end of newest video titled "THE END OF LOGAN PAUL VLOGS..."

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This whole speech begins around the 14-minute mark.

"It's the end of the daily vlog. I have done a lot of vlogs every day in a row and I'm blessed, and I'm thankful, but your boy wants to exercise his creativity in different ways," Paul said.


"You guys know we have a talk show coming soon, it's called Impulsive," he went on.

"We just built a studio in my house, it's f'cking sick, that's going to be a vlog for next week. Got to make these hits, bro. I want to dive into music."

"I want to start new business endeavors," he said. "And you guys know we got the KSI fight coming up, so not only that, but I'm training as well."

Logan Paul will vlog as long as he lives, he said.


"Just a lot of stuff so, the vlog is not finished and I am proud to say, the vlog will never be finished, as long as my heart stays thumping on this goddamn planet earth," Paul said emphatically.

"As long as my two feet are on this here soil. But like I said, daily vlogs, it's not everyday, bro."

Paul's representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

Given that Logan Paul made it seem as if this was a definite end to his vlogging, many fans complained that the video promo was clickbait.

@LoganPaul You almost caused me a heart attack man chill with your clickbait

So FYI, Paul is not "going to be gone."

YES! So glad this dumbass is going to be gone ⚡️ “Logan Paul is quitting his daily vlogs”

Sorry (or not) to say.



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