People Are Sharing Hilarious Drawings Of Their Significant Others After This Teen Drew Her Girlfriend

Put this in the Louvre.

Meet Liz Todd, 19, and her 17-year-old girlfriend Alexis Semmel. They live in Delaware.

Alexis Semmel

Alexis told BuzzFeed News that she's been meaning to print out a photo of Liz for her locket, "but it’s really hard to print a picture that small."

So, Alexis decided to draw a photo of her girlfriend in the meantime. This is how it turned out.

Alexis Semmel


Alexis Semmel

Alexis texted the drawing to her girlfriend. "She did so good," said Liz. “She did good on my hair and my face. I always have a straight face."

Alexis Semmel

The teen tweeted about the DIY locket on Tuesday and lots of people really appreciated the illustration's beauty.

I didn't have a pic of my girl to put in my lil locket so I just drew her

@lexieatsass My god..........she's beautiful....

And lots of people shared their own drawings for their significant others. "I got mine as a lock screen," this person said.

@lexieatsass @_Elllaaaa I got mine as a lock screen

"I got my girl in my wallet as well."

@lexieatsass I got my girl in my wallet as well 😙

@lexieatsass When it's a distance relationship so she draws you in her daily life

"Wait my bf did the same thing... he drew us."

@lexieatsass Wait my bf did the same thing... he drew us 😂


this is romance i swear

Alexis has been a fan of the responses. "I just thought that it was really sweet. It’s like spreading love in a way," she said.

Alexis Semmel