People Are Laughing Over This Dad Who Took A Selfie Instead Of Watching His Daughter's Interview


This is 18-year-old Iqra Hosain with her dad Syed and her mom Sadia. They live in Texas.

At one point, Iqra gave an interview.

As her mom recorded it, her dad did this.

Ronald took the phone from her dad's hand. "I’m not a selfie person," the dad told BuzzFeed News. "I don’t know how to take a selfie."

: )

“I just thought it was so funny," said the teen. She discovered what her dad was doing during her interview only after reviewing her mom's video evidence. She posted the video on Twitter, after her friends found it funny.

priorities Me: is getting interviewed after winning a scholarship My dad: taking a selfie with Ronald McDonald

Many really related to the situation and most people tagged themselves as the dad.

@lwtics @iah98 Im the dad and ur the girl getting interviewed

i'm the dad

"I'm the dad."

@iah98 @xlizzettx @_MermaidWaves_ i'm the dad

Everyone's the dad.

Omg my dad would do this. But so would I 😂

Another person wondered about the father's motivation.

He was like I gotta upstage her


FYI, this is how the selfie turned out—WORTH IT.

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