People Have Completely Lost Their Shit Because Kylie Jenner Has Given Birth To A Baby Girl

"Holy shit can’t believe Kylie Jenner won the super bowl"

After several agonizing months of rumor, speculation, and people tweeting the "This is a case for the FBI" Kris Jenner GIF, Kylie has finally confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. On Sunday — just before the Super Bowl, no less — she announced that she and Travis Scott welcomed a little girl last Thursday.

"I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark," she wrote. She also shared an 11-minute video titled "To Our Daughter" that catalogs that past nine months in a documentary-style haze of moments.

It begins with footage of Kylie's own birth and shows tons of intimate footage of Jenner and Scott...

here’s a little glimpse of the last 9 months.. ♥️

Like them at an ultrasound.

In one sweet instance, Kylie and her mom listen to her soon-to-be baby girl's heartbeat together.

There's also footage from a rose-covered baby shower.

The footage ends with the youngest Jenner being born. According to the video, she was 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and born at 4:43 p.m. on Feb. 1.

Anyway, people totally lost their shit and the world came to a drastic, immediate halt.

Me: I don’t care about this pregnancy, so what if Kylie Jenner is pregnant Kylie: *announces she’s given birth* Me:

What Super Bowl?

Kylie Jenner LGBT ally stealing away the straight male super bowls spotlight a mere 2 hours before it even begins <3 That's my girl!


She won — the Patriots and Eagles can stay home.

Holy shit can’t believe Kylie Jenner won the super bowl

Someone said that the video Kylie shared of the past nine months was destined for an Oscar.

@KylieJenner this is gonna win an oscar for best documentary film bet

Even though people "knew," they were still stunned.

me: *has known for months that kylie jenner was pregnant me when i found out kylie had her baby:

Me: *knows kylie jenner is pregnant* Kylie: I'm pregnant Me:

my thoughts: kylie jenner is clearly pregnant me finding out kylie jenner is actually pregnant:

Even those who aren't "fans" today are most definitely "fans."

me: i don’t care about kylie jenner in the slightest kylie jenner: i had a baby! me:

Oh, hello there.

Me: I honestly could care lass about the Kardashians *Kylie Jenner has a baby* Also me:

It made this person emotional.

@KylieJenner ok but why am i crying

RIP someone else.

Of course, jokes were made. This person speculated as to how Kylie Jenner reacted upon seeing her baby for the first time.

when the nurse handed Kylie Jenner her baby

Congratulations, Kylie! Also — when are you going to tell us the name?

Kylie Jenner: “I’m pregnant” Me: “who cares 🙄” *watches Kylie’s pregnancy video* Me:

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