These 16 Touching Moments From Irma Will Remind You That People Can Be So Sweet

Here are a few moments that show just how sweet people have been amid the destruction of the storm.

Hurricane Irma has battered Florida and brought significant flooding to South Carolina. During this trying time, people are bringing joy to others in beautiful ways.

Here are a few moments that show just how sweet people have been amid the destruction of the storm.

1. This team of people, who rescued a stranded dolphin on the shore in Marco Island.

WATCH: @KerryNBC and a team of others rescued a second dolphin that washed ashore in Marco Island, Florida, after…

@TODAYshow / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TODAYshow

2. This super sweet paw-hand hold between Officer Kenneth Somma and his K-9 partner, Eddie. This photo was taken after they finished their shift during Irma, the Miami Herald reported.

@FLPD411 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @FLPD411

3. This deputy, who helped to calm a woman's nerves in a shelter with a little song and dance.

Osceola County Sheriff's Office / Facebook / Via Facebook: video.php

"At one of the shelters we had Deputy Froelich, who noticed a very nice lady who needed a bit of comfort during the storm," the Osceola County Sheriff's department wrote on Facebook.

"She looked worried about the storm and kind of sad so he asked her what would cheer her up and she said a dance. So in a very off-key voice, he sang and danced with her for a quick bit," the post read.

4. This man named Ramon Santiago, who gave his generator to Pam Brekke, a tearful and worried stranger, WFTV reported.

Nancy Alvarez, WFTV / Facebook / Via Facebook: NancyAlvarezWFTV

5. This mom, who took the time to make sure that the littlest member of the family had the perfect indoor habitat while stuck inside.

My mom made a lil corner for my dog since he won't be able to go outside during the hurricane

@victoria_dreis / Twitter / Via Twitter: @victoria_dreis

Victoria Dosreis told BuzzFeed News that her mom bought the "little kiddie pool" specifically to create this grassy spot.

One of the family's bunnies also enjoyed the mini habitat.

Too sweet.

update: buddy and phoebe seem to like it

@victoria_dreis / Twitter / Via Twitter: @victoria_dreis

6. These employees at the Florida Museum of Natural History, who gently captured butterflies so that they would be safe when the hurricane hit.

7. These deputies, who helped save two manatees after they were stranded in Sarasota Bay, according to NPR.

Great job today by Deputies Mizner and Hart as they helped rescue two Manatees that were stranded in receding water.

@ManateeSheriff / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ManateeSheriff

8. Kristen Bell who, Josh Gad said, "literally saved" his family.

9. Two sisters, who are refugees from Syria, who cooked for displaced evacuees at a shelter in Alpharetta, Georgia.

These refugees know what it's like to lose everything. So they made delicious meals for Irma evacuees in Georgia.

@Rowaida_Abdel / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Rowaida_Abdel

Abeer and Nora al-Sheikh Bakri are originally from Douma, Syria, and fled the civil war in 2012. They are now settled in Georgia.

The sisters told HuffPost that when they heard about the evacuations due to Irma, they knew "the feeling of leaving everything behind.”

The two decided to prepare traditional Middle Eastern dishes for almost 40 evacuees at the shelter.

10. This surprise visit from Fox Business correspondent Jeff Flock to his mom in Englewood.

.@JeffFlock surprised his mom in Englewood, FL and assessed the damage from #Irma together.

@FoxBusiness / Twitter / Via Twitter: @FoxBusiness

11. This mom from Owensville, Missouri, who donated more than a thousand ounces of excess breast milk she had.

Mom donates more than 1,000 ounces of breast milk to babies affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma…

@ABC / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ABC

Danielle Palmer had an excess of breast milk she was keeping in the freezer because of her son's unique medical condition.

"The need arose for moms and babies affected by Hurricane Harvey who've lost their frozen milk stored in deep freezers,” she told ABC News, so she decided to ship her supply to those in need.

12. Tim Tebow, who visited a special needs shelter, and spent this special time with a WWII veteran.

Totally uplifted by this #ww2 veteran, who's spirit and talents encouraged his fellow visitors at this Special Need…

@TimTebow / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TimTebow

13. This woman, Kim LaFauci, who went into Irma's winds to rescue a baby peacock from the storm.

Daring Pembroke Pines mom rescues baby peacock from Hurricane Irma

@MiamiHerald / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MiamiHerald

14. This volunteer, Dr. Jeremy Nix, who checked up on the health of animal evacuees.

A volunteer veterinarian gives a dose of love at a pet-friendly shelter in Vero Beach.…

@USATODAY / Twitter / Via Twitter: @USATODAY

15. A couple with the Air National Guard, who decided to skip their formal wedding plans and get married during their rescue efforts in Florida. “Service before self,” the groom told Fox News.

Hurricane Irma: Air National Guard couple gets married in fatigues

@FoxNews / Twitter / Via Twitter: @FoxNews

16. Sister Margaret Ann, who grabbed a chainsaw from her school to clear debris blocking a road.

🎥 of Sister Margaret Ann in action. Thank you to all of our neighbors that are working together to get through this…

An off-duty police officer in Miami came upon Sister Margaret Ann, of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in Miami-Dade County, casually chainsawing through a downed tree to help clear debris from the road, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

"The road was blocked and we couldn't get through. I saw someone spinning in the mud and almost hit a wall," she told CNN. "We teach our students do what you can to help, and this was an opportunity where I could do something to help."

And Miami-Dade police were grateful for the help.

"Thank you to all of our neighbors that are working together to get through this! We are #MiamiDadeStrong," the department tweeted.

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