People Are Sharing Stories Of Kids Being Gleefully Disobedient After This Mom Said That It's Okay "To Call Our Kids Assholes"

"My niece ripped my new Fenty sponge and threw it at me after so I knew."

This is Malieka Roman with her two kids, 3-year-old Melodi-Rose and 8-month-old Hagen. They live in Fort Drum, New York.

Malieka told BuzzFeed News that last weekend, Melodi-Rose poured her juice on the floor and then gave her mom a death glare. "I really wanted to laugh, but you’ve got to be a parent," Malieka said.

She tweeted about the whole thing.

Look, we gotta stop acting like it’s a bad thing to call our kids assholes. Like my daughter just dead ass death gl…

Malieka clarified that she never calls her daughter an asshole directly.

"I just mumble it under my breath, when she walks away," she said.

Tons of people responded, saying that kids' intelligence is underestimated. "They know what they're doing," one person said in response to the tweet.

@mamalieky1 😭😭😭😭 they know what they’re doing, i don’t blame you lol

"Kids aren't stupid and most people think they are," another person said. "THINK AGAIN BITCH. JOKES ON YOU."

Bruh forreal. Charlotte can be a straight asshole and she knows what she's doing. Kids aren't stupid and most peopl…

People also shared stories of kids gleefully ignoring orders. Like a child named Grace who apparently laughed demonically after jumping off of a piece of furniture.

One time, Grace was standing on the couch and I told her to sit down. She death glared me and jumped off the couch.…

Or Lily, who poured out some Coke and then apparently crawled away from the scene of her crime.

Omg lily yesterday. She just got the coke and poured it all over the couch then laughed and crawled away.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


I know i have one 🤷🏼‍♀️ he is always looking at me laughing and covering his butt when he’s doing something he’s no…

Another person shared an "asshole move" that involved a Sunny D being poured out in the car.

My son was pouring his entire Sunny D on to his lap and on to the back seat of the car while glaring at me and sayi…

This aunt said that her niece made the evidence of her tragic wrongdoing known, and threw the proof right in her face.

True. My niece ripped my new Fenty sponge and threw it at me after so I knew

This kid also made her slight abundantly clear.

@mamalieky1 Agreed. My 5 year old told me I look tired and pointed to my eyebags to clarify her point

"Kids are pricks," someone else concluded, after sharing a story about a boy throwing toys and then laughing about it.

I tell my nephew not to throw his toys and he looks me straight in the eyes, throws them, and then laughs kids are…

Other people said that they faced criticism for how they described their kids. "I CAN HATE THE ASSHOLE INSIDE MY KID," this person declared.

@mamalieky1 I jokingly sent a snap to a family friend of RJ being a dick and captioned it "I hate him" and she sent…

Apparently some people use acronyms so that they can more discreetly incorporate the use of "asshole" into their homes. In this house, toddlers are TFAs which stands for "Tiny Fuckin' Assholes."

In our house we call the 3 & 4 year olds “TFA’s” which translates to “tiny fuckin assholes” lol

For some people, the whole conversation triggered some beautiful family memories.

When I was little, my dad told my brother to shut the fuck up. Several parents around him gasped. How dare he say t…

And this now-grown person said that being called an asshole made her less of one.

Growing up, my mom always called my brother and I assholes when we were being such. I like to think it made us bett…

Ah, parenthood!

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