This Guy Made A Super Teeny Origami Crane And People Are Pretty Obsessed With It

So small!

Meet Alison Mah and her husband David Kawai. They live in Ottawa. David likes to make origami cranes. “I love the simplicity of it," he told BuzzFeed News.

Look at this one he made. It's teeny.


The couple visited Japan in May. While there, David participated in a crane-making competition at a restaurant. "If you make a tiny, tiny crane in 10 minutes or less you get to be in their hall of fame," Alison said. "David decided to do it. He was, like, sweating."

He was also VICTORIOUS.

David said he made his tiniest crane to date this week. On Friday, Alison shared photos of it on Twitter.

my husband keeps challenging himself to make the smallest origami crane he can and it's getting kind of ridiculous…

He said he didn't use any ~special~ tools to make the itty-bitty creation.

@librarykris @alisonmah @donkey Just standard origami paper—a portion of :) I already folded the cover sheet with t…

People on Twitter were so in love with it. "This is better than the guy who cooks all those tiny foods," one person said.

This is better than the guy who cooks all those tiny foods

Another person said that it was "so cute."



And apparently, the youth was even inspired.

@alisonmah @davidkawai I've just shown this to my 11yo daughter who loves origami and she says "Game on!"

David is glad that the Twitter response has been overwhelmingly positive. “I like how it’s been pretty chill and happy," he said.

"Holy smokes!!"

@alisonmah @laprofe63 @davidkawai Holy smokes!! Call Guinness Book of World Records!!

“I’m trying to see if I can do it again," David said on the achieved tininess. "It’s an exercise in precision, patience, and frustration."

He also looks forward to the possibility of even TINIER cranes. "I hope that some people can come up with a way to do a smaller one," he said.

Let's go, internet.

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