Is This The Laziest Salad That Has Ever Happened?

Answer: Yes.

Author Celeste Ng was on vacation in New Orleans over the weekend with her two girlfriends, when the group decided to order room service.

Everything I Never Told You by @pronounced_ing is one of the best books I read in this, or any other, year.…

Ng told BuzzFeed News that the group considered their three salad order a "splurge."

"I never order [room service]," she said.

The group was super confused when, instead of Caesar salads, they received three of whateverTHIS is.

This is not what I expected when I ordered a Caesar salad

Ng said it was a plain head of lettuce, with a ~soft~ bread ring, and no cheese.

The hotel did not provide the guests with knives, ONLY forks and spoons.

"My friend who opened it was like 'was it supposed to look like this?'" Ng said.

Ng doesn't want to drag the hotel, because the rest of their stay was lovely. She described it as "very old school and established."

So...why the hipster deconstruction? Even on the menu, the salad was described as "traditional."

"Maybe they were trying to be fancy," Ng said. "Maybe the foodie culture has gone too far."

What the author does know: this was done ON. PURPOSE.

Safe to say, Ng and her friends thought it was hilarious. They ate the salads too, ripping the leaves off the head before dipping them into the dressing.

Friends and I cannot stop laughing about the "salad."

Twitter had so many questions about the sad AF salad.

@pronounced_ing @BlackKhaleesi Is that a crouton "napkin ring" around the romaine??

Many thought it looked like a napkin.

@pronounced_ing what do you get when you order a napkin with a napkin holder?

Ng confirmed for many viewers that, yep, the salad was as boring as it looked.

@dgweatherby @BeauInMaryland nope just lettuce all the way down

Some were just pissed off. It made this person "furious."

@pronounced_ing oh my god I am instantly furious

Others wondered about the chef's mindset.

@pronounced_ing That new chef was like, "This is my moment."

But mostly people said: "the fuck?"

@pronounced_ing oh my flippin goodness--what in the tarnation is this monstrosity?!!

Ng wants some good to come out of the bad salad, saying she hopes that people will consider donating to a program in her community called "Cambridge Weekend Backpack." The Boston program gives public school students, who rely on the school cafeteria, bags of food for the weekends.

Ng also said that she's glad people were entertained by what she called a "silly" photo. "I’m happy that it made people laugh," she said.


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