This Teen's Grandparents Go To In-N-Out Almost Every Week And People Are Obsessed With The Pics They Take

"I love this so much."

This is 18-year-old Heather Daniels from California.

And these are her grandparents, Fred and Patricia Burry, who also live in the Golden State. They've been married for 53 years.

The couple's favorite restaurant is In-N-Out and every time they go, they send their granddaughter an incredibly pure pic.

Everytime my grandparents go to In N Out together, my grandma takes a pic of my grandpa and texts it to me. I hope…

"We enjoy going there and we enjoy the food," said Daniels' grandma. They go "about every week," she said.

Fred typically orders a #2 animal style and his wife orders a regular burger. They split fries.

I mean....


Their granddaughter is a huge fan of the pics. "Whenever I receive one it brightens my day," she said.

So is everyone else. "I love this so much," one person said.

Someone else thinks the couple deserves a lifetime burger supply.

@heatheerdaniels @TheEllenShow Give these grandparents a lifetime supply of in and out 😍

And another person admired Fred's ~looks~.

@heatheerdaniels killing the game with the shades and glasses combo

Mr. and Mrs. Burry are goals <3.

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