People Are Freaking Out Because They Didn't Buy Eclipse Glasses

"They're out EVERYWHERE."

Aug. 21 is here — the day of the rare total solar eclipse that MILLIONS of people will be able to see.

To SAFELY watch the moon pass perfectly between the earth and the sun you need protective eyewear — like these special solar eclipse glasses.

Without the right gear, some very not good stuff is going to happen to your eyes...

Just, don't. Do not ROLL THE DICE.

But the glasses, at this point, are apparently SUPER hard to come by.

People on Twitter reported that stores were all out of the special shades.

; (

And some people are kind of having meltdowns about the situation. @MattGrippi seemed to doubt his self-control.

They're envisioning their future reckless behavior.


Some are sending out distress signals.


In fact, as I was making this content, my very own colleague, Julia Reinstein, texted me that she was "desperately looking for glasses."

They don't know what to do.

me taking quick glimpses at the eclipse cause i dont got no glasses

Oh, but this guy appears to have an extra pair (and commitment issues).

And NASA has some DIY advice.

Anyway, have fun out there!

Don't do this!

Be safe!

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