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People Are Freaking Out Because They Didn't Buy Eclipse Glasses

"They're out EVERYWHERE."

Posted on August 21, 2017, at 12:11 p.m. ET

Aug. 21 is here — the day of the rare total solar eclipse that MILLIONS of people will be able to see.

Gilles Adt / Reuters

To SAFELY watch the moon pass perfectly between the earth and the sun you need protective eyewear — like these special solar eclipse glasses.

George Frey / Getty Images

Without the right gear, some very not good stuff is going to happen to your eyes...

@gang_greenE / Via Twitter: @gang_greenE

Just, don't. Do not ROLL THE DICE.

@dreadcraft_ / Via Twitter: @dreadcraft_

But the glasses, at this point, are apparently SUPER hard to come by.

@NifMuhammad / Via Twitter: @NifMuhammad
@NewSassWhoDis / Via Twitter: @NewSassWhoDis

People on Twitter reported that stores were all out of the special shades.

@beyupdates_ / Via Twitter: @beyupdates_

; (

@rudy_mustang / Via Twitter: @rudy_mustang

And some people are kind of having meltdowns about the situation. @MattGrippi seemed to doubt his self-control.

@MattGrippi / Via Twitter: @MattGrippi

They're envisioning their future reckless behavior.

@Goodtweet_man / Via Twitter: @Goodtweet_man
@mckinneykelsey / Via Twitter: @mckinneykelsey


@gnuman1979 / Via Twitter: @gnuman1979

Some are sending out distress signals.

@mynamesdiana / Via Twitter: @mynamesdiana


@lildickytweets / Via Twitter: @lildickytweets

In fact, as I was making this content, my very own colleague, Julia Reinstein, texted me that she was "desperately looking for glasses."

Remy Smidt

They don't know what to do.

@gossipgriII / Via Twitter: @gossipgriII
@ParisHilton / Via Twitter: @ParisHilton

me taking quick glimpses at the eclipse cause i dont got no glasses

Oh, but this guy appears to have an extra pair (and commitment issues).


And NASA has some DIY advice.

@NASA / Via Twitter: @NASA

Anyway, have fun out there!

@underchilde / Via Twitter: @underchilde

Don't do this!

@dream4ngel / Via Twitter: @dream4ngel

Be safe!

Julia Reinstein