Someone Found An Old TV Show With A Con Man Named Trump Who Wanted To Build A Wall

He wears a white robe and says the world is ending.

This late-50's TV show called Trackdown, featured a character with the name Walter Trump in an episode called "End of the World."

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The existence of the episode was confirmed by Snopes, which reported the episode aired in the show's first season in 1958. Actor Lawrence Dobkin portrayed Walter Trump.

The character's name is also confirmed on the episode's IMDB page.

In the episode, Walter Trump, a con man, spreads severe paranoia.

"The world will come to a flaming end at midnight, tonight. Without my help and knowledge every one of you will be dead," he says.

And the townspeople are...shook.

Ranger Hoby Gilman does not fall for the BS and he challenges the "prophet."

"Be careful son, I can sue you," Trump responds.

The ranger seeks help from town leadership, but fails. This judge says that they don't have the proof to arrest the fraudster. "It's funny how a big lie can make us all kids again," he says.

The town, scared, gathers to hear Trump's pitch. "The people were ready to believe. Like sheep they ran to the slaughterhouse. And waiting for them was the high priest of fraud," says the narrator.

Trump's remedy for the end of the world? Building a wall.

People on Twitter reacted to the character, drawing specific comparisons between fictional Trump and the real life president-elect.

"High priest of fraud" is a pretty great nickname, tbh.

It reminded this person of the presidential campaign.

@ParkerMolloy Yeah. This is the 2016 campaign.

Others noted moments in the TV show.

@ParkerMolloy The bit where he threatens to sue... OMG

@ParkerMolloy Holy shit...everything from the defence of Trump by the sheriff to the hero unable to get people to believe his warnings.

And some speculated that this was a message.

@ParkerMolloy @YouTube Do you think future time travellers came back and left us an important message here?

In the TV show, Trump doesn't escape unscathed. He's arrested by the ranger before he can flee.

Justice prevails.

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