This Teen Sang The "Happy Birthday" Song To His Friend And It Was Incredibly Intense

Get you a friend who will do this.

This is Andrew Chlamon. He's an 18-year-old from Texas.

On Thursday, Chlamon sang "Happy Birthday" to his friend Jacob Torgeson during their economics class and it was really something.

If my homies don't do this for me for my birthday then they ain't my homies


Chlamon said that Torgeson asked him to sing to him and that his friend was "happy" about the song.

People had a lot of feelings about the rawr-filled rendition.

Some viewers called out their friends to warn them what was coming.

@Curvables @brvwski Gabby prepare for a voicemail like this in 357 days

@nwhite623 @gelatolovato @Curvables @moreclairity @sopheyscope i'm gonna do that for your bday

@Curvables @amandatctt Me on your birthday

Another person imagined how someone might respond to Chlamon's version over the phone.

@VictoriAng3l @goofyashhhh she gone be on the phone like

And this person made a threat.

@amandatctt @Curvables If you do that, our friendship will cease to exist 😂

A classmate also posted more footage of Chlamon sing-screaming.

@Curvables @AndrewBriones24 and i feel partially responsible for his fame

Stay metal and stay in school, Chlamon.

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