People Are Making Jokes In Response To These Tweets About "Not Wanting Daughters" Because Of Halloween

"If a girl wants to dress sexy it’s nobody’s business but her own."

It's Halloween! The holiday apparently makes some people wary of "having daughters," and they're sharing that feeling on Twitter.


*desperately crying emojis.*

Thanks a lot, HALLOWEEN.

This tweet about wanting a daughterless family has been liked almost 100,000 times.

A lot of people were not into the tweet genre, and just wanted those tweeting to "shutttt theeeee fuckkkk uppppp." "Just shut up lmao," this tweet concluded.

shutttt theeeee fuckkkk uppppp boys be so fucking annoying talking about how they don't want daughters on halloween. just shut up lmao

To those stating, "halloween makes me not want to have a daughter".. for the sake of girls everywhere, I hope you d…

Halloween may be a yearly reminder about how much u don’t want a daughter but every day is a daily reminder abt how much I don’t want a son


“Halloween makes me not want to have daughters” ya like ur daughter would want your slut shaming emotionally abusive ass as a father, Chad


"Halloween makes me not wanna have daughters" ya ok I'm sure your mom's really proud of you throwing your body off…


"halloween makes me not wanna have daughters" ya & im sure ur mom would be so proud of u snorting coke in the basement of house parties Josh

This tweet from Sam Sobah, a 20-year-old from Michigan, went massively viral. "I tweeted it because I’m sick of college guys being so hypocritical," Sobah told BuzzFeed News.

"A girl gets slut shamed for dressing up for Halloween but boys can do drugs and sleep with people left and right and no one blinks an eye," she said.

"If a girl wants to dress sexy it’s nobody’s business but her own."

Sick of seeing all these Halloween makes me hope I have boys tweets. Don't slut shame your unborn daughter you fucks


College guys: "Halloween is the reason why I never want a daughter" FIRST OF ALL

First of all.

"Halloween makes me pray that I never have a daughter" First of all, the phrase "send nudes" is at the top of your vocab

First of all.

*boy tweets* “halloween reminds me i never ever want a daughter” FIRST OF ALL, u have oldrowradchicks post notifications on

venn diagram of "halloween reminds me how i never want a daughter" boys & boys with barstoolsmokeshows post notifications on is a circle

boys that say “I hope I don’t have daughters” because of Halloween are the same boys that grabbed my ass after I told them I have a bf🙂

"Omg Halloween is a reminder to NEVER have a daughter omfg!!!" - a guy that sends mass dick pics and "wyd" at 2am

all the boys tweeting about how “halloween makes them hope they never have daughters” are the ones who dm slide begging “to smash”

ma ur mcm tweeted "halloween makes me not want to have a daughter" LMFAOOOOOOO he ain't get invited to any parties he angry.

Anyway, hope you all eat a ton of free candy today!

halloween makes me realise that i don't want to ever have a daughter... or a son... all this candy will forever be mine and only mine

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