People Are Making Tons Of Jokes After People Were Hit With Poop At Disneyland

Don't worry. It wasn't human.

Ah, Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. But on Friday night it was the scene of something not-so-happy — something crappy.

Eleven adults and six kids at the California park were struck by flying poop, according to the Anaheim Police Department.

Disneyland officials then called the fire department, a police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News, in order "to determine what the material was."

Don't worry: the poo-spray wasn't the result of a scared person riding a roller coaster. It appears that birds, specifically geese, were responsible for the traveling turds. (It's still unclear what the motive was).

BuzzFeed News understands the Hazmat call went out to fire officials because in the darkness it wasn't immediately clear what the smelly substance was.

The pooped-on people were taken to a private washroom and offered fresh clothing.

The police later made clear that "NO crime occurred."

With @AnaheimFire at Disney - NO crime occurred - guests hit with fecal matter- appears to be geese that flew over. No injuries

"No crime," police tweeted in a post that soon went viral.

@AnaheimFire at Disney with reports of guests hit with fecal matter. Approx 20 guests impacted. Appears to be geese that flew over. No crime

"Everything was posted on Twitter. There is no story," the police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. "Geese flew over and pooped on some people."

Nonetheless, the crappy incident sparked a ton of dad jokes.

@AnaheimPD @marcusgilmer @AnaheimFire Crappiest place on earth? #dadjoke

@AnaheimPD @dannysullivan @AnaheimFire So fowl play was not suspected?

All those affected by the fecal flap were supposedly "healthy and happy" after they were hit with the poop, police said.

11 adults and 6 juveniles impacted. No injuries and no transports. All guests are healthy and happy @Disneyland @AnaheimFire

Disneyland and the Anaheim Fire Department did not immediately respond to request for comment on the shitstorm.


A previous version of this post included a photo of Disneyland Paris. Merde!

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