People Are So Touched By This "F*** Cancer" Homecoming For A Teen Who Couldn't Leave The Hospital

"I guess you can say ‘It was lit.'"

This is Kaitlin O'Connor and Blake Mounts from Hilliard, Ohio. They are both 17.

Blake Mounts

Kaitlin helped to plan this amazing "f*** cancer homecoming," for Blake, who she called a "really good friend."

Kaitlin O'Connor

Blake told BuzzFeed News that he was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

The teen said he wasn't permitted to go to homecoming this year because of his treatment.

So, on Sunday, his little sister and his close friends brought the dance to him. Here's Kaitlin, asking Blake to the f*** cancer homecoming. (He said yes.)


"She came in and surprised me and I had no idea," Blake said of the proposal.

Blake's friends went to the hospital dressed up in fancy outfits.

Blake's 15-year-old sister, Taylor, came up with the idea of bringing the dance to him. Taylor told BuzzFeed News that she "felt awful" when she heard her brother couldn't leave the hospital for his actual homecoming.

Nobody should ever have to miss their senior homecoming! His reaction will make your heart so happy❤️ love ya bubby…

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Taylor called her older brother her "best friend."

Taylor Mounts

"I love him so much," she said.

@tayylormounts / Via Twitter: @tayylormounts

"Honestly it was so amazing to see my brother so happy for the first time since he's been in the hospital and it was the first time he had been out of his bed since then," Taylor said of the dance.

Blake said that he and his group of friends called it the "fuck cancer homecoming." "But we kind of had to keep it PG," he said of the sign's asterisks.

Blake said that it was "nice" to return to a sense of normalcy. "I’ve been pent up in this room," he said.

"It was nice to actually be wearing normal clothes and stuff and be with my friends all in the same room.”

As for the dance, Blake said: "I guess you can say ‘It was lit.' ... It was like three hours long."

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“It brought a little home to the hospital," Blake said. "It made me feel a little positive — I have a lot of people with my back.”

So many people were so touched by the dance, and Kaitlin's photos of it went massively viral.

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“I did this for Blake. I did not know it was going to be blowing up or anything," Kaitlin said of the insane amount of attention her tweet has received.

One Twitter user mentioned missing out on high school due to chemo, and commented on the teen's happiness.

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Another person teared up and called it "literally the cutest thing."

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Aren't little sisters the best?

Taylor Mounts