This Mom Ended "E-Cigging" At Her Teen's Party In The Most Extra Way


Dr. Cindy Basinski lives in Evansville, Indiana. Here she is with her three kids, 18-year-old Lauren, 14-year-old Rachel, and 17-year-old Chris.

When a teen started using an e-cigarette at Rachel's party Saturday night, Basinski took action in the most extra way possible...with a megaphone.

LOL. when freshman are "e-cigging" at a party

Lauren Basinski

"Who is e-cigging down here? I'm not happy about that," the mom said.

The teens reacted in stunned silence.

"That is not condoned. That sucks. That is not good for you and that should not happen at this party," she said.

Around 200 teens from Rachel's freshman class had headed to the home. It was an after-party for her Catholic high school's Christmas dance, Basinski told BuzzFeed News.

Kids often hang out there.

"Generally we have only have 30-40 kids over it’s not like that party was," Basinski said.

Rachel actually missed the megaphone moment, but Basinski said that her daughter found it hilarious. "She certainly heard all about from her friends," the mom said.

When her older daughter shared a video of the megaphone speech on Twitter, people absolutely lost it. "She's so extra," one person said.

Another person said that she was ~goals.~ "Cindy is what I aspire to be as a mom," this person tweeted.

Others could relate."Me as a mother and just in general, honestly," said this Twitter user.

And of course, many were simply "dead" over the use of the megaphone.

Basinski is "surprised so many people find it interesting."

She thinks it's in part, because of the megaphone. "That was a little over-the-top," she laughed.

In regards to the party, there are no hard feelings.

“I get along great with these kids. They all get along with me and like me," she said. "I tease them and they all know they are welcome in my home."

Basinski said that she never caught the e-cig user, but that no more e-cigging went down after her megaphone intrusion.

"I will have no reservations about using the bullhorn, again," she added.

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