People Are So Obsessed With How Prepared This Doggo Was For Her Human's Chemistry Lab


Meet Annie. She's a service dog in training.

Allie Spencer, her human, is a 20-year-old student at Cal Poly.

Spencer told BuzzFeed News that her dog is "very patient and very smart."

When this photo of Annie was tweeted on Saturday, people couldn't handle how prepared the dog was for science.

One of my teammates has a dog in her Chem lab.. he's also required to wear goggles during lab


@tarahoward75 @katee_wag You mean.... Doggles

@tarahoward75 @queserasaraa he is also required to wear closed toe shoes

Equally imporant.

glad he's got on the close toed shoes, equally important

"Yes," was all this person could say.

@JackTurner_95 @tarahoward75 I just don't know what to say other than yes


What a safe pupper. 13/10 would admit to PhD program to work with @horstlab

"In that picture she was actually waiting for me to come back to the table," said Spencer. "She stands up when I walk away and waits for me to come back."

@Mpandaaaaaaaaa @tarahoward75 i'm crying he's so ready for lab😭

Caring, smart...

AND safe.

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