This Family Dog Is Now A Straight-Up Llama

"The scariest llama I've ever seen."

Most dog owners are familiar with their pets looking ugly AF post-haircut. Abby, the dog of the Neel family, is no exception. Here she is in her ~natural~ form.

Mackenzie Neel, the daughter of the family, told BuzzFeed News that she pulled up from school only to see this — her mom removing all of Abbie's fur.

Because Abby has been itchy, Mackenzie's mom shaved her.

Mackenzie's friend said, "She looks like a lion." But Mackenzie was like...nope, she's definitely a llama. The scariest of llamas.

I come home from school to my mom shaving my dog... now she's the scariest lama I've ever seen




Mackenzie told us that Abbie is cold, but that she's also been receiving attention and treats: "My dog is confused, but also excited."

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