Here Are The Funniest Things People Said About Prime Day's Technical Issues

Amazon's website wasn't working!

Amazon's "Prime Day" began on Monday at 3 p.m. ET. Just as the massive retailer's sale was due to begin, people reported that the website was not working for them.

Amazon said just before 5 p.m. ET that the company is "working to resolve this issue quickly."

Instead of seeing deals, people were shown a series of dogs. Some of them had sad expressions.

So Amazon Prime day is already glitching, but at least I get to look at dogs when I refresh it #AmazonPrimeDay #DogsForDays

People said they had several difficulties while using the website. This person claimed to have spent more than an hour attempting to buy an Instant Pot, only to discover that the product was sold out.

@amazon hey, your busted ass website wouldn't let me add the instant pot to my cart for over an hour anda half and now it's saying sold out? I'm tempted to cancel my Prime membership after this garage day. FIX IT

This Prime member also apparently missed out on that deal because of glitches.

@amazon was on for Prime Day right at 3 ET and had Instant Pot in my cart. Cart then went back to 0 and an hour and half of waiting for Amazon to start working again and now Instant Pot unavailable...really frustrated

And this person too!!

When you try for an hour to get an Instant Pot but Prime day fails you so hard...😢#AmazonPrimeDay @amazon #whataletdown #fail

Someone else said that items in her cart were disappearing, and suggested that customers shouldn't wait to check out.

@WirecutterDeals I also have the experience of things previously loaded in the cart that disappeared. My advice? Buy Each item one at a time as soon as you place it in the cart. #PrimeDay2018 #AmazonFail

Wannabe shoppers also said that the "deals" link was taking them in a loop. This person, addressing Amazon, said, "get me out."

Hello @amazon can you please get me out of this loop. #PrimeDay #Fail #Fix

People were clicking without luck.

Sweet, #primeday [SHOP ALL DEALS>] *clicks* *page refreshes* [SHOP ALL DEALS>] *clicks* *page refreshes* [SHOP ALL DEALS>] ... *clicks* *page refreshes* [SHOP ALL DEALS>] ... Yeah, that sounds about right.

"What a joke Amazon!" this person said.

#primeday is more like #primefail because I can’t access the deals due to website issues and the one deal I was able to add to my cart deleted and won’t let me re-add. What a joke Amazon!

Someone speculated about how the dogs and the infinite loop happened.

#PrimeDay : If u make your developer work 21 hours a day , he will do this..

People weren't able to purchase their very important things that they definitely need.

This #primeday2018 text i just received while Amazon is down. #AmazonPrimeDay #AmazonPrimeDaySale #amazon #amazonfail #AmazonPrimeDayFail #amazoncrash

This person felt some type of way about the dog stock photos.

We’re an hour into #PrimeDay and the I think that I’ve bought 6 dogs.

Someone else speculated how the workers behind the website might be feeling about the fact that it crashed on one of the company's busiest shopping days of the year!

Live look at the Director of IT for Amazon rn #primeday

Another person envisioned how Amazon prepared for its website to handle the influx of customers.

Amazon, preparing their servers for #PrimeDay

But this person found something positive.

Oh I get it, the Amazon #PrimeDay deal is that you get to save 100% of your money.

Someone else said that this is exactly what people in the US attempting to use the website deserve — both the sad dogs and the never-ending loop that does not take you to all the deals, but instead leads to nowhere.

An endless loop of clicking SHOP ALL DEALS followed by photos of sad dogs is exactly the America we deserve right now. #PrimeDay

Happy shopping!

Amazon did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

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