People Are So Emotional Over This Dad Walking His Daughter To School On Her First And Last Day

"Holding back the tears."

Meet 18-year-old Brittany and her dad, Jason Gayler. They live in a small town in Texas. Last Thursday was her last day of high school, the teen told BuzzFeed News.

Her father decided to walk Brittany to school on her last day. He was inspired by this old photograph of him walking 5-year-old Brittany to her first day of kindergarten.

So on the teen's final day of high school, he walked her to school again, for the last time.

The father said that he was "holding back the tears." "It was an emotional time," he said.

Brittany shared the photos on Twitter, and they made people so emotional.

my dad walked me to school on my very first day & today he walked me to school on my very last day


"This is so cute."

Too much for this person.

@BrittanyGayler This is so pure and cute I cant

And lots of people commented on the dad's ~look~.

@BrittanyGayler can ur dad slide into my dms. im joking but this is so cute

Brittany was shocked by her tweet's popularity. "I was like, ‘Oh my lord, what is going on,’" she said. The teen said she moves out for college in around two months.

.... the sweetest thing.. ever.

They grow up so fast!

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