This Woman Told Her Dad She Had "Lady Issues" And People Like How The Dad Responded

"U want me to speak to that bitch?!"

This is Kiera, 25, with her dad, Mitch Platt. They live in Long Beach, New York.

Kiera described her father as her "best friend for life." Mitch echoed the sentiment, telling BuzzFeed News that the two of them are "very close."

On Saturday, Kiera texted her dad about "lady issues." "Went home early from work today, lady issues," she said to him. This is how her dad responded to her message:

I told my dad I went home early from work because of "lady issues"

People made a ton of jokes about the dad's responses.

@Kieeraaa @cxlyp He bout to square up to Mother Nature

@Kieeraaa "It was me father I am the one who was the problem my own body betrays me every month"

@Kieeraaa Your dad is the hardest and he double text you lmao

@Kieeraaa Your dad is adorable but I also feel like he'll pop the trunk in 2.5

The dad's texts were not sent out of misunderstanding of what Kiera meant by "lady issues." Rather, the two texts were an artful series of dad jokes.

@Kieeraaa Is he being serious or is this one of the greatest dad jokes of all time? I can't tell

"He's the master of 'dad jokes,'" Kiera explained. "He's never failed at being awkwardly funny," she said. "When I was a teenager I used to feel embarrassed by it but now I embrace it. I couldn't imagine his sense of humor being any other way."

Kiera frequently tweets screenshots of their conversations. Here's her dad saying "good morning," to her and then shortly after that saying "fuck you."


Sometimes, the texts aren't jokes, but deft commentary. Here's the dad wisely saying: "SO SO is better than feeling like shit."

One of the texts was just a sweet but timeless message of encouragement.

"My favorite thing about my relationship with my father is the banter we create between each other," Kiera said.

"There's no line of what's appropriate or not. The jokes are just always funny. That's the way it is. He's the best father in the entire world and I wouldn't change a single thing about him."

Dad jokes (and love) forever.

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