This College Has A Cry Closet Filled With Stuffed Animals. It's In The Library And It Has Rules.

"We have those in the real world too. It's called your local bar."

Jackie Larsen, 20, who is in her third year at the University of Utah, did not think that the "cry closet" on campus was real at first.

On April 22, the university installed the so-called cry closet in its library, and it will be up through the rest of the month. A sign hangs on it that reads: "This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break."

Larsen called the closet "super cool" and said that the "walls are covered with carpetlike material and some insulation to make it somewhat soundproof."

so my school installed a cry closet in the library LMFAOOOOOOOOO what is higher education

"The door has lights you can press to turn on as well as a timer," she said.

And, she noted, it's also filled with stuffed animals.

"The installation, available for use by all students, has sparked dialogue about expressing emotions, particularly those in public spaces," a rep from the University of Utah told BuzzFeed News.

Larsen herself has not yet cried in it, she said. "But I have three finals within the next five days so I may definitely use it," she added, laughing.

A lot of people online responded cheekily to the idea of a cry closet, saying that it was going to be used for more than crying (wink, smirk, wink).

@aJackieLarsen We all know this will be used for things other than crying 😏

@Grace_PF / Twitter

so many people are going to bang in that closet

@SonnyBunch / Twitter

However, rule number two of the closet EXPLICITLY states that only ONE person is allowed in at a time.

University of Utah has a specially built Cry Closet for students. Their Safe Space will no doubt be used for more than crying, lol!

@cescasnest / Twitter

Someone else responded, joking that they also have a cry closet — it's also called an office.

Mine is called "my office."

@kshaferbyu / Twitter

However, David Alan Grier tweeted that he needs one FOR his office.

@aJackieLarsen @EvanRCrawford I need this Muthafucka n my office!

@davidalangrier / Twitter

Someone else said that bars are also cry closets.

We have those in the real world too. It's called your local Bar.

@ThePeoplesCube / Twtter

And one person listed a bunch of questions and concerns...

What if the person inside is crying SO HARD that everyone can hear them...what if there is a huge line that forms outside of it. Is there a crying time limit? So many issues....

@girlsreallyrule / Twitter

Someone else said this cry closet shows that shit is "#doomed" given that, to him, this generation is full of "babies in adult bodies."

We're raising a generation of babies in adult bodies. #Doomed

@Daddy_Warpig / Twitter

Things got political: An account that appears to belong to a pro-Trump furry offered up some big bucks, calling for someone to put a Trump sticker inside the closet.

@aJackieLarsen I will PayPal $100 to anyone who places a TRUMP sticker in the thing and shows me photo evidence it happened. 100% serious no joke you have my word.

@DojoTheDingo / Twitter

@Bagofingers @aJackieLarsen So someone should be able to get in there an get r done

@DojoTheDingo / Twitter

And another person said it was made "for Liberal Snowflakes."

@aJackieLarsen University Of Utah now has a specially built Cry Closet for Liberal Snowflakes. Just one more feature, and it will be perfect! #cryclosetuofu

@MarisaInCali / Twitter


@RevRon07 / Twitter

The cry closet will be in the library at the University of Utah until May 2. Cry while you can, kids!

@aJackieLarsen I would be in this closet multiple times a day

@hmp123321 / Twitter

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