This College Student Said That "College Boys Ask You On Real Dates" And People Have Been Challenging The Statement For Months

"College boys stand in the corner of a party staring @ u all night then text u as soon as u leave saying 'i think i saw u tonight lol.'"

In January, Tatianna Saunders, a 19-year-old student at Western State Colorado University, tweeted this:

College boys ask you on real dates. High school boys didn't prep me for that.

At the time of her tweet, she was in her second semester of freshman year.

"I had been asked on dates in college, like actual, real dates to dinner, and coffee, and outdoors dates, and I did not at all have that same experience in high school," Saunders told BuzzFeed News of what inspired the tweet.

"In high school guys didn’t want to take you anywhere, they just wanted to watch Netflix," she added.

Since then, the response to her statement about "college boys" has not stopped. Many people are replying to the tweet with counterarguments.

college boys snap you “wyd” at 11:27PM and don’t talk to you in person the next day

"College boys..."

College boys ask you to come sit in their twin size bed and watch Netflix from their 12 inch MacBooks

college boys make YOU drive them out to empty parks because they cant afford parking passes and then they ghost you…

college boys will literally pee and puke in your bed then tell you they were only nice to you to get in your pants…

Excuse me in high school girls get promposals and Valentine’s Day cards and in college you hit up a groupme if some…

College boys will hit on you all night at a party but ignore you in the dining hall the next morning

college boys stand in the corner of a party staring @ u all night then text u as soon as u leave saying “i think i…

Saunders said that the tweet will "sporadically get popular." "Every few months or so people will respond to it and it will be series of responses," she said. Here's a response to her tweet about a date that sounds...not ideal.

one time this guy took me for pizza, texted his "frat bros" the whole night, and took a dump in my bathroom when he…

Saunders responded herself in August with receipts to support her point.

Others responded with screenshots of their own text conversations, which were slightly different in tone.

@hotsie_tatsie I had bronchitis and he still thought I was beautiful 😍❤🙌🏼💯🙏🏼 so charming

Someone reported needing help.

@hotsie_tatsie I need help finding these boys then

This person requested an academic refund.

@hotsie_tatsie yup college boys are the best

"Farris wheel."

@hotsie_tatsie ya college boys are gr8!!! told him I was on my period so goodluck annndd

When asked if any of the responses have been entertaining, Saunders responded: "There’s a lot of screenshots of guys just being gross to girls so I did find those entertaining, I suppose, but also pathetic."

@hotsie_tatsie Idk man college boys are something else

Saunders, who is now in her second year of school, added: "I’m really sorry guys are being so horrible across the US."

Godspeed, kids!

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