Here Are Some Stories That Prove People Are Being Exceptionally Hilarious And Sweet This Christmas

A tiny santa hat, a dramatic dad, great gifts, hilarious cards, and a whole lot of spirit.

Hello, and happy/merry everything!

Now cuddle up for some great stories, as people have done some hilarious and adorable stuff this holiday season.

Take this dad from California, who became a meme after he had a hilariously dramatic reaction to his wife suggesting they get an artificial tree.

"If this little glimpse into my world can keep one home from getting a fake tree, my pain will have been worth it," Joe Napoli told BuzzFeed News.

Or this mom from Texas, Brittany Mease, who was so over her family's "Elf on the Shelf" that she devised a clever story about an injury that gave her 14 days of elf freedom.

Her kids noticed that the elf hadn't moved in more than 14 days. She stashed the "Elf on the Shelf" in the oven until she could deal with it, forgot she did so, and turned the oven on the next day.

This teen, named Alexis Elliott, from Ohio, handled the family's elves one night, a tradition that she used as an opportunity to roast her siblings.

"Santa has noticed the case of beer that is in your bedroom..." one of the letters "from" the family's elf, Simon, began.

Alexis's mom, Crystal, said that the accusations leveled in the notes were valid.

Meanwhile, these parents from Ohio gave their eighth grader's teachers a hilarious Christmas gift.

It's their son's last year at the school, and Mary and Paul Sommers wanted to give his teachers an appropriate parting gift. "He's been there a long time," the mom stressed to BuzzFeed News.

"The teachers deserve the wine, that’s all I’m going to say," the mom said.

It's not only adults who have gotten into the holiday spirit. Take this four-year-old named Marlow who did the simplest, but cutest, thing with this tiny santa hat.

Cooking dinner & just looked over to see my kid has put a tiny Santa hat on our dog

Her mom, author and illustrator Liz Climo, who lives in California, told BuzzFeed News that Marlow spontaneously put the itty bitty hat on their 10-year-old dog, Shooby. "I glanced over, and they were both just sitting casually on the couch watching TV," Climo said. "I have no idea how long she had been wearing the hat."

"I laughed so hard, I immediately grabbed my phone and took a ton of pictures," the mom said. "And burned dinner."


Kelsey Hall, a 20-year-old college student at the University of Alabama, followed through with her promise after she told Twitter that if she received 1,000 retweets she would don a VERY spirited costume for the duration of the semester.

Hall told BuzzFeed News that she felt "really embarrassed" the first day she wore the costume on campus.

Thank you to everyone who helped my friend reach her goal!! You have no idea how much this means to me!!!!!!!!! (📹:…

Day 2: it’s raining and this costume is about to get all wet and gross 😫

"I did not think this would happen and that I’d have to wear it," Hall said.

Then there's this mom, Elizabeth Scofield from Colorado, who, in her 16-year-old daughter's words "deadass photoshopped Ryan Gosling into [their] Christmas card" over her ex-husband. "Laughing all the way Ryan, Elizabeth, Emma, & John," the card reads.

My mom deadass photoshopped Ryan Gosling into our Christmas card. @RyanGosling

Emma Schlichting told BuzzFeed News that she "freaked out" when she saw the card her mom had made. "I just wanted to make people laugh when they opened it," the mom told BuzzFeed News.

And finally, Emily Seawright, a 20-year-old from California, inspired single people everywhere with her family holiday card.

As Tyler Oakley said: "We are all Emily."

@cantseawright This is literally my life guys....

'Tis the season.

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