People Are Calling This Pupper A Hero After Her Forever Family Wrote The Shelter This Heartbreaking Letter

"Thank you, Peanut."

This is Peanut. She's had a ruff life.

Delta Animal Shelter

The pupper had two broken legs, broken ribs, and a belly full of carpet when she arrived at the Delta Animal Shelter in April, Susan Gartland, the executive director, told BuzzFeed News.

"She was one of the worst abuse cases this shelter has ever seen," she said.

Peanut was adopted in July and she now lives in the Rapid River area in Michigan with her family. On Friday, the shelter received this letter from Peanut's furever home:

Delta Animal Shelter / Via Facebook: Deltaanimalshelter.nokill

The shelter shared the letter on Facebook and people are pretty grateful for Peanut's apparent heroism.

This person called the pupper a hero.

As did many others.

Miriam Villarrubia / Via Facebook: Deltaanimalshelter.nokill

A spokesman for the Delta County Sheriff's Department told BuzzFeed News that they responded to a call around 11:15 Friday morning in the Rapid River area. A 3-year-old girl was found "lying naked in a small gully behind the caller’s house," the spokesman said.

Delta Animal Shelter

The spokesman said that they were told a dog "had alerted the owner that something was wrong."

The spokesman said that the little girl was taken to the hospital and then released to Child Protective Services.

"As far as I know— and from what I hear— she’s doing fairly well right now," he said.

Good girl, Peanut!

Delta Animal Shelter