Here Are Some Of The Best April Fools' Day Pranks For 2018

I regret to inform you...the brands are at it again.

1. This Russian Facebook filter by Snapchat.

Snap's April Fools' filter is the only good brand prank

2. This fake phone screen crack from Yelp:

I hate #AprilFools .. thought I cracked my screen @Yelp 😑

3. An app called "Sixth Sense" from Honda:

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4. And then there's this fake Lexus ad — "the world’s first service that uses human genetics to match you with the car of your genes":

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5. This in-flight cycling studio:

Today we’re excited to launch Virgin Australia Spin Class, the world’s first in-flight cycling studio.

6. This "ZipAll" outfit from REI:

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7. Netflix's announcement that it now owns Seth Rogen:

The company proved it's totally not a cop by referring to him, in part, as a "prolific marijuana-doer."

8. Amazon "will deliver your favorite authors to your front door":

Launching April 1st, Amazon Publishing will deliver your favorite authors to your front door. Watch as author @1PCornwell does whatever it takes to arrive on time. Who will you request?

9. "Roku Happy Streaming Socks," which, according to this fake advertisement, will let you navigate the video service without a remote. "Motion sensors allow you to swipe your foot to browse your home screen," the ad's narrator says:

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10. This vacuum for easy Lego sorting:

11. A "Beer Bath Bomb" by Lush.

12. Then there's "Knees & Toes," a new product from Head & Shoulders:

Get ready for the launch of Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes body wash!

13. The "SodaSoak" from SodaStream, so you can bathe in seltzer:

14. This "NEW chocolate Whopper" with a "chocolate cake bun" and "raspberry syrup" topping:

the NEW chocolate Whopper. coming soon to your local Burger King. maybe.

@BurgerKing / Twitter

15. This snack, which has listed "organic unicorn" and "organic vegetable oil" among its ingredients:

✨introducing unicorn balls - the colorful treat that is filled with MAGIC! ✨ don't miss the ark! gallop to the nearest store and grab ‘em by the handful.🦄

16. These Hidden Valley Ranch beauty products like "Uh Huh Honey BBQ eyeshadow."

Every Valley Girl knows you shouldn’t leave home without your Uh Huh Honey BBQ eyeshadow and a mini bottle of Bacon Ranch! Get your Hidden Valley Ranch inspired beauty products at 💚💙

"Shine like a freshly baked chicken breast in our Valley Girl Glow Up highlighter, and be anything but basic in our Bae-con eyeshadow."

We’re excited to debut Valley Girl, our new Hidden Valley Ranch inspired beauty line. Shine like a freshly baked chicken breast in our Valley Girl Glow Up highlighter, and be anything but basic in our Bae-con eyeshadow. Go to

17. Kale churros at Disney World:

18. Some "White Castle whey" so you can get ~swole~:

Do you wanna get SWOLE, noob?! Watch this! #WhiteCastleWhey

20. This "Where's Waldo?" game on Google Maps:

21. Elon Musk, who is Tesla's CEO, tweeted that the company had gone bankrupt.

Elon was found passed out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by "Teslaquilla" bottles, the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks. This is not a forward-looking statement, because, obviously, what's the point? Happy New Month!

22. And "Jäger Balm" from Jägermeister:

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23. Also, this impossible Easter Egg hunt:

How long do you think it will take them to realise there are no Easter eggs hidden #AprilFools

@silverstarzzz / Twitter

BuzzFeed News has reached out to see if the kids ever found any eggs.

24. This mom who put googly eyes on a bunch of stuff:

I come home from the gym and find that everything in my bathroom and kitchen is looking at me. My mom LOVES April Fools Day. It’s only fourteen minutes in.

@embod18 / Twitter

Floridian Emily Bodnar, 21, told BuzzFeed News said that she found the eyes "absolutely hilarious."

"She’s really creative with it," she said. "I love the effort my mom puts into stuff."

She added, "And now I have to think of a way to top her."

25. This mom with a pun prank:

Totally forgot it was April fools my mum isn’t even funny

@chloemackay__ / Twitter

BuzzFeed News has reached out to see how this mom feels about her daughter's unenthused reaction.

26. This mom who "goes hard" on the holiday.

If anyone was curious whether or not my mom goes hard for April Fools Day...Micki does not play around

@GraceE823 / Twitter

Grace Archer, 20, from Michigan told BuzzFeed News that this isn't the only prank that Micki, her mom, has executed this April Fools' Day.

"I discovered she also cut up brown paper in the shape of a letter 'E' and she said she made 'brownies,'" Archer said.

"She’s going to stuff my cousin's shoes with toilet paper so they don’t fit anymore," Archer added. "She is going to put her face in the pickle jar...most likely."

This mom is, according to her daughter, "a prank genius."

"My mom was a prank genius in college and she is resurrecting her talent," Archer said.

27. And these kids, who were apparently pranked with some chocolate sprouts:

Ready for Easter Basket #AprilFools

@HeathRobin / Twitter

BuzzFeed News has reached out to see how the basket recipients felt about getting played.

28. And then there's Sam's Club's cryptocurrency "bulkcoin," which it announced in a "press release" with a quote that included the word "hella"....

29. ...and Tumblr's attempt to get in on the *eyeroll emoji* hilarious *eyeroll emoji* cryptocurrency prank as well:

Tumblr releasing an April Fools cryptocurrency only like a few weeks after emailing out a list of blogs compromised by Russian chaos agents is so fantastically 2018

@broderick / Twitter

30. Furever Love, from eHarmony, to help pets find love:

31. Petco's "Beautiful Bond Salon," which will make people look like their pets:

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32. And Rent the Runway posted a fake ad for "Rent the Runway for Dogs," which promises that "now your furry friend can access the entire dream closet too — for every day, special occasions or just because":

33. Then there's "rabbit-foraged herbs" from FreshDirect:

34. Don't worry, Pauly D did NOT cut his hair.

35. And finally, a bright spot — a sadly fake BBC News kids show called Newshound, hosted by a dog, Pebbles, and featuring segments like "Where are the best digging spots?"

A dog can dream.

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