People Don't Even Have The Words To Respond To This Anne Frank Halloween Costume

"Totally speechless."

People are furious over this Anne Frank costume, which was sold, until backlash, by As of Tuesday afternoon, an identical costume, described as "World War II Evacuee Girl" was available for purchase on Amazon.

What. The. Actual. Eff? @AnneFrankCenter are you aware? #annefrank #inappropriate #wtf #wtfisthis #wtfisgoingon…

According to, the since-deleted description of the costume included the line: "We can always learn from the struggles of history."

Yeah this seems super uncool. You seen this @carlosgeADL ?

@JerodMacEvoy / Via Twitter: @JerodMacEvoy

Here's a fuller look at the reported costume description, shared by @JerodMacEvoy:

"I'd like to interview the person that wrote the copy for the Anne Frank Halloween costume," @imjasondiamond said of the description.

I'd like to interview the person that wrote the copy for the Anne Frank Halloween costume.

A whole lot of people shared screenshots of the costume and inquired: "What the fuck?"

The popular website Halloween Costumes is selling an Anne Frank costume for kids. WTF?

some company made a fucking Anne Frank Holocaust victim costume. what the fuck is wrong with people and why would a…

"I am utterly shocked."

@Noam25 @AnneFrankCenter This is gross. I am utterly shocked

One person wanted to know WHO was responsible for the idea.

@Noam25 @AnneFrankCenter Who the hell thought that was a good idea!? Taking a tragic victim of the Holocaust and ma…

@funcostumes pls explain how this is a) fun & b) Halloween costume? Are the @AnneFrankTrust aware of this absurdity

....there was an Anne frank Halloween costume? Y'all need Jesus. Or Moses. Or Mohammed. Just pick one Idc & follow it to doing better.

Other people did not seem angry about the costume. One person considered it a possible learning opportunity.

@Noam25 @AnneFrankCenter just a Q. wasn't she considered by many as a hero and someone to be admired? Maybe the chi…

@Noam25 @AnneFrankCenter Explain how dressing up as a historical person is bad. ?? For book character day at school…

@JerodMacEvoy @carlosgeADL if the costume was gory-completely different. most children don’t do gory for halloween;…

But others were stunned. "Totally speechless," this person's response began.

Totally speechless. Just been shown this ad for an Anne Frank costume for Halloween. @AnneFrankCenter you might wan…

I’m pretty stupid but I’m not ‘let’s sell an Anne Frank Halloween costume’ stupid

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, apologized for the Anne Frank costume. The retailer called it a "mistake in judgement."

"We would like to apologize for any offense this has caused. Due to the feedback from our customers and the public, which we take very seriously, we have elected to stop selling this costume immediately. Again, we apologize for this mistake in judgement.

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