Trump Pumpkins Are Here To Make Halloween Great

There are also Hill-kins!

When most of us carve pumpkins, the results are typically something like this.

To make the pumpkin everyman even more insecure, a wave of people have been carving the greatest pumpkins in the world.

(Some people have been sharing these since last year, but they are too good to not include.)

Admire the artistry! The detail!

They capture the essence of the man behind the gourd.

Like his lip curl,

And that trademark hair.

John Kettman's innovative use of paint here is YUUUGELY successful.

The greatest!

Something truly terrifying for Halloween: a Trumpkin.

Nick de Semlyen / Via Twitter: @NickdeSemlyen

By far, the ABSOLUTE best pumpkin I've ever seen.

"Donald Trumpkin, President of the United States of America."

Even this admitted failure is brilliant.

Disaffected Trumpkin.

Spooooooky Trumpkin.

Hillary pumpkins (Clumpkins? Hillkins?) are also making the rounds.

2016 showdown!

Can America just do some carving instead of watching the next debate?

Serious question.

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