People Are Predicting The Worst After Amazon Announced This Key That Will Let People Into Your Home When You Aren't Around

"Amazon Key is a new service that allows strangers to enter your home, hide in your closet, and kill you in your sleep," one person responded. "Free with Prime!"

On Wednesday, Amazon announced a new service called "Amazon Key."

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The new product works with Amazon's new Cloud Cam, an Amazon Key app, and a smart lock, to allow delivery drivers to drop off packages inside Prime customers' homes when they aren't around.

The kit costs $249.99.

Amazon says the delivery drivers are "thoroughly vetted."

"Amazon Key in-home deliveries are carried out by some of the same professional drivers who you trust to deliver your Amazon orders today," the company says.

"These individuals are thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks and motor vehicle records reviews."

Because of the Cloud Cam, the delivery can be watched in real time or after the fact.

"Each time a delivery driver requests access to a customer’s home, Amazon verifies that the correct driver is at the right address, at the intended time, through an encrypted authentication process," the company said. "Once this process is successfully completed, Amazon Cloud Cam starts recording and the door is then unlocked."

The Amazon Key can be used for more than in-home deliveries.

In response to the announcement, people predicted the absolute worst things to come of the new service — like murders.

*tomorrow* A string of murders have been linked to Amazon Key.

Via Twitter: @MikeDrucker


Amazon Key is a new service that allows strangers to enter your home, hide in your closet, and kill you in your sleep. Free with Prime!

Via Twitter: @MikeH5856

And more murder.

Amazon Peace is an innovative new offering that will allow an Amazon worker to enter your home and smother you with an Amazon pillow

Via Twitter: @alexqarbuckle

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Amazon for comment on the safety concerns.

Others wondered about the service's impact on pets.

*Calls Customer Service* Hi. I used the Amazon Key service and now my Xbox is missing. Also, they let my cat out. I’d like to cancel.

Via Twitter: @KevinPlantz


Amazon Key is a new service that lets Amazon release your pets into the yard.

Via Twitter: @seananmcguire

By the way, Amazon doesn't advise using the service if your pets can approach the front door.

This person speculated that a guy was responsible for the tech.

@verge Who’s the creep marketing guy who thought of this? Cause it was a guy. No woman would think this would go down good.

Via Twitter: @schumii777

@verge Know who'll ❤️ this? The Amazon driver who returned to our house at 10pm, 4 hrs after delivery, asking my gf…

Via Twitter: @simon_wroe


@verge When they deliver things by chucking them over the gate into shrubberies, the last thing I want them to have…

Via Twitter: @IcarusGlider

feel like if amazon had a black exec or two on the team this "give a stranger a key to your house" thing would have been nipped in the bud

Via Twitter: @owillis

This person worried about the safety of those making the Amazon deliveries.

This will get black & brown Amazon delivery people killed.

Via Twitter: @samwhiteout

Others, however, seemed down with the access.

Via Twitter: @josh_garza_


I am totally okay with #AmazonKey. COME INSIDE AND LET’S GET WEIRD, BEZOS.

Via Twitter: @blairherter

Amazon Key will be available Nov. 8.

Coming soon: Amazon Key! Coming soon to A&E: The Amazon Key Murders.

Via Twitter: @Bennettruth

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