This Boy Thinks That He Survived An Accident Because He's Spider-Man

Not God, not luck, but his Spidey sense.

Meet Styles Johnson IV, a 7-year-old from Arizona. Cecily Gueyser, 20, told BuzzFeed News that her little brother is obsessed with one particular hero. "Everything is Spider-Man," she said. "He’s seen it, he’s read it, he has it."

Seriously, Spider-Man... this little guy's life.

On Friday the 13th, Styles' mom and two older sisters were out of the house when they received an awful call from paramedics. Styles was hit by a car.

His family rushed to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"I'm still going through the anxiety of it," his mom, Rachel Blevins, said.

According to Gueyser, Styles was hit while crossing the street with a friend. "Somebody took the turn into our neighborhood going beyond the neighborhood speed," she said.

He flipped through the air and landed in a neighbor's yard.

Gueyser said her little brother was extremely lucky and had only a mild concussion. After extensive tests and time in the trauma wing, Styles was released to a room for rest.

While his mom credits God, and his sister calls it luck, the 7-year-old says his Spidey sense helped him survive. "My little brother was hit by a car today," Gueyser wrote on Twiiter, "and he said he's lucky he's Spider-Man or else he wouldn't have survived."

my little brother was hit by a car today and he said he's lucky he's spiderman or else he wouldn't have survived

After Gueyser shared her younger brother's response, people expressed their love for Styles and his hairline.

This comic book star is even sending him a care package.

@befourisleep hi. i'm one of the spidey writers & creators of miles morales. can i send your brother a care package? email

And Marvel chimed in with some love for their "favorite web-slinger" as well.

@befourisleep Thank goodness for your Spidey sense! We're glad to hear our favorite web-slinger is okay.🕸️

Days later, the 7-year-old is fine and sticking to his belief that his powers saved him. Gueyser said that he's been questioning her about his Spidey sense.

"Would any other kid have survived?" he recently asked her.

His sister said that she responded, "You are Spider-Man, so it’s hard to say."

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