Rick Ross Apologized For Saying He'd Expect Sex From Female Protégés

The comments had "pushed every stereotype women have to deal with in this industry," one music executive said.

On Thursday evening, Rick Ross apologized for incendiary comments he made earlier this week about not signing women to his record label, Maybach Music Group.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club on Tuesday, the rapper and mogul said he never wanted to sign women because "I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up."

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He went on to suggest that, if he were to sign a woman, he'd expect sexual favors in return for his support. "You know, she looking good, I'm spending so much money on her photo shoots, I gotta fuck a couple times," he said, responding to a question from Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee. (8:45 in the video above).

People quickly objected to the remarks.

in which rick ross is a gross, misogynistic pig. https://t.co/XPOyMwaOC7

I love me some Rick Ross music but this right here is sexist trash 🗑 https://t.co/J4wsLgSDMd

Rick Ross has been promoting rape culture and it's gross af

It wasn't the first time Ross had been accused of misogyny. In 2013, he temporarily lost a sponsorship deal with Reebok after fans cried foul over lyrics that seemed to glorify date rape.

Though Ross's recent comments were treated as humorous on the radio show (at least by the men in the room), some said they amounted to explicit, if inadvertent, evidence of systemic sexism.

rape culture, sexism, mysogny, patriarchy...all popping off within that Rick Ross @breakfastclubam interview

Karen Civil, an independent hip-hop marketing executive, told BuzzFeed News that Ross had "pushed every stereotype that we as women, especially black women, have to deal with in this industry."

In his apology, which he posted to Facebook, Ross said he had been "insensitive" and that he wants to "continue working with & supporting female artists."

Facebook: rickross

He cited the prominent roles his mother and sister play in his own business, calling his remarks on The Breakfast Club "a mistake."

"My comment is not [a] reflection of my beliefs on the issue. A mistake I regret," he said. "I hope to use my mistake, my platform and the community to create positive discussion to implement change on a very important issue."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a representative for Rick Ross for comment.

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