A Trump Supporter Yelled "Execute Her" At A Rally

Amid chants of "Lock her up!" at a Trump rally in New Hampshire on Friday, a supporter yelled for Hillary Clinton to be executed.

A Donald Trump supporter at a New Hampshire rally on Friday, yelled, "Execute her," as the state's former governor, John Sununu, criticized Hillary Clinton over her emails.

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A man first yelled, "She needs to be locked up," prompting the crowd to chant "Lock her up!" while Sununu laughed.

As he resumed speaking, someone in the crowd yelled, "She needs to be executed!" Sununu replied, "That's not...You don't need that kind of stuff."

Several reporters at the rally also said the supporter yelled "Execute her!" which was greeted with laughs from the crowd.

After lock her up chant, someone yells "execute her!" Big laughs. Gov Sununu scolds him from lectern. "Now, now, we don't need any of that."

"I don't think that's appropriate, I mean that's just crude," Kelly Goodwin, a Trump supporter and mother of six at the rally, told BuzzFeed News. She said she did not hear the chant but condemned the behavior saying, "I think people just need to be... the slander isn't becoming of anyone."

Another supported, Jay Davey, defended the behavior saying, that such people were just "playing it up."

"The people, they're not sincere on that," Davey said. "They're just exaggerating, they're playing it up. They're not talking about the idea of hanging her, but what they would be OK with I'll tell ya is she deservedly should be in jail."

Another supporter, Kenny Smith, agreed that Clinton should be in jail but did not approve of the chant. "I don't like none of that," he said.

Someone near the stage at the Trump rally here just yelled out "EXECUTE HER!" as Sununu blasts Hillary Clinton's corruption.

People were not happy.

"Execute her." It's hard to even type those words and they're being chanted at a rally for the Republican nominee f… https://t.co/6tSJbWQk4L

So now they're chanting "execute her." Will this even be "news"?

Trump Republican base has gone from "lock her up" to "execute her." Must be practicing for life in a banana republi… https://t.co/zaZfd0NInk

Crowd at Trump NH rally yelling "execute her." Not sure when GOP evolved into mob that screams for death of opponents, but you can have it.

It's not the first time such language has been used at a Trump rally. Once a Trump supporter at the rally predicted a "revolution" where people would "be locked and loaded" if Clinton won, a common sentiment among several of his supporters.

Anthony, 58, doesn't know what he'll do if Hillary wins. "I think people are gonna be locked and loaded. There's go… https://t.co/awfR2us6XC

A Trump supporter at an Ohio rally in October appeared to suggest he would commit violence against Clinton if she became president, saying, "Hillary needs to be taken out."

Chants of "string her up!" were also heard at Friday's rally.

And Sky News reporter had tweeted that she heard a child, accompanied by parents, say, "Execute her" at a Trump rally in Michigan on Monday.

Dear god. Trump rally in Michigan. Amid chants of 'lock her up' - kid on dad's shoulders says 'execute her!' Mum and dad erupt with praise.