18 Classic Sales Tips That Double As Dating Advice

A.B.C. Always. Be. Closing.

1. "Preparation. Preparation. Preparation."

2. "Fail to plan, plan to fail."

3. "QUALIFY. Then qualify again."

4. "Understand your 'Unique Selling Proposition.'"

5. "Aim high."

6. "People believe what you tell them."

7. "Leave them wanting more."

8. "People buy on emotion."

9. "When negotiating, information is power."

10. "Take control while using constructive tension."

11. "People can smell desperation."

12. "Manage expectations."

13. "Silence is golden."

14. "Build rapport."

15. "Tailor your message."

16. "Get to the core need."

17. "Ask for the order. You’ll never get the order you don’t ask for."

18. "End on a high note."