Ukraine Protestors Raid Empty Presidential Compound To Find Zoo, Mansion, And Yacht

The president of Ukraine has fled among a bloody protest that has taken at least 75 lives this week alone. On Saturday, the country's parliament voted to remove the president.

Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych has fled the city and protestors have entered his personal compound, finding things like a spa, a zoo, and a massive car collection.

The private zoo. Peacocks of course

A day after opposition leaders and the president signed a peace agreement, Yanukovych left Kiev, CNN reports opposition leader Vitali Klitschko said.

"Unfortunately, President Yanukovych who did not hear the people has withdrawn from his constitutional duties himself," Klitschko said. "And today he has already left the capital. Millions of citizens see only one option in the current situation -- it is calling the early presidential election."

Presidential pigs in their element

Washington's Channel 4 correspondent Matt Frei tweeted many photos from the compound.

Every President needs one of these

People of #Kyiv swarm over President’s estate, learn he has a boat there. A big one.

Another angle. My newsday is complete RT @EuromaidanPR Even a galleon at #Mezhyhirya! |PR News #Ukraine #Euromaidan

According to CNN, Yanukovych had fled for the city of Kharkiv, the second largest in the country, for a meeting after the peace agreement was signed.

This is the house the president never wanted his people to see

Shot of the main building in the area. Kind of tasteful if not for the kitsch all around it

More happy Ukrainians having a Saturday walk in the park at Yanukovich residence. #whereisyanu #euromaidan

Protesters discovered luxuries including a golf course, a car collection, and a personal spa.

Maidan self-defence members play golf in Yanukovych residence “@A3AP: Гольф ”

Yanukovych's purported car collection. MT @Andriyak: А Віктор Федорович - нехилий любитель авто і мото екзотики!!!

Translated“@A3AP: Yanik used to lie on these beehives, with bees creating a 'curative field'" ”

Inside the presidential spa - the hat says "main banya (sauna) attendant", wonder who will be using it now?

The President's greenhouse. This one is only for flowers and banana trees

Dozens of people entered the compound after Yanukovych fled.

Families, protestors and the media stream into presidential residence outside Kiev

Though some reports said that Yanukovych resigned, he said on television that he would be continuing his presidency.

At Independence Sq ppl are cheering, hugging each other, some are crying upon news of Yanukovych resigned

Yanukovych to @UBR_ua: - won't resign - this is a nazi coup - complain about repressions against his MPs/cronies

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